Bubble tea spots can be found all over Toronto, leaving some unsure of which to choose. If you're looking for a standout drink, there are some spots that really nail the Taiwanese delicacy, offering unique flavours that your regular bubble tea stop lacks in. Whether it be because of the way the tea is served, the diverse menu offered or interesting toppings, these five spots are sure to change your whole outlook on the drink. 

1. Royaltea 

Here’s five words for you: bubble tea in a lightbulb. If you’re in the mood to impress your friends who are used to boring bubble tea spots around Toronto, I highly recommend Royaltea. You'll also be sure to impress your Instagram followers if you decide to post your order. 

2. Jule

If you’re into DIY bubble tea, then Jule is a must-go. At this spot, they prepare your order exactly how you like it. Whether it be through sweetness, or toppings, they've got you! Plus, they have a unique range of flavours that mainstream spots can't offer. 

3. One Hour

Along with its comfortable ambience, this bubble tea cafe serves speciality drinks, and traditional Chinese teas, that no other spot can compete with. This cafe's interior could be described as simple, but their menu definitely is not. 

4. Nohohon Tea 

Is your favourite bubble tea topping tapioca? Well Nohohon Tea is known for having the freshest tapioca in the city. The menu is unusual, so this is a great place if you’re in the mood to change things up and try a new flavour. 

5. Sugar Marmalade 

Not only is this a dessert cafe, but they have some of the coolest bubble tea flavours to pair up with your sweets. They also offer speciality beverages and milkshakes that allow you to add bubble tea toppings to. You can even add ice-cream! The Oreo Milk Tea is must if you decide to try this spot out.