We’ve all had that one boozy dinner with one too many glasses of wine or “just a couple” cocktails, followed by a painful bill and many regrets. These Baltimore restaurants will save your wallet AND satisfy your taste buds. Besides, BYOB dinners are the best dinners, amirite?


byob dinners

Photo courtesy of Iggies

Iggies is for sure one of the most popular BYOB places in Baltimore. The atmosphere is chill and noisy, which makes for the perfect hangout spot for a boozy lunch or dinner.

For any thin crust pizza lover like myself this place is a must go, featuring many toppings selections all on a freshly made crust. All pizzas are served right out of the oven, and trust me you’ll be able tell when your order is ready if you just let your nose do the job.

Unless you really can’t accept the simple joy a combination of tomato sauce, dough and cheese could offer, hit up Iggies soon with your friends and a bottle of something because it is one of the food experiences you cannot miss in Baltimore.

Grano’s Pasta Bar

byob dinners

Photo courtesy of Grano’s Pasta Bar

A 15-seat restaurant located in Hampden, Grano’s Pasta Bar is an unassuming eatery that packs as much flavor into its dishes as it does eager eaters into the small joint.

Take a seat at the bar and watch as the chef prepares your made-to-order homemade pasta dish with your choice of sauce. Even though there aren’t fancy ingredients or an extensive preparation process, every dish is rich and unique.

On top of the fantastic food and service, Grano’s is also BYOB, which makes this restaurant an ideal place for couples on a date or girls’ nights with long talks.

Grano’s also offers a 10% discount for Hopkins students with an ID, as if you needed another excuse to eat more pasta.


byob dinners

Photo courtesy of Bottega

The fact that Bottega is almost always packed during dinnertime just shows how much food lovers in Baltimore adore this friendly little restaurant near Penn station.

As hipster as the area, Bottega doesn’t do the whole menu business, instead it displays its daily selections on a black chalkboard to facilitate the frequent menu changes.

With an overwhelming amount of positive reviews, it has slowly become one of the most popular affordable pasta restaurants— as well as BYOB spots– in Baltimore. Definitely a place you have to visit with a bottle of red or white sometime soon– that is, if you’re lucky enough to get a reservation.

Thai Arroy

byob dinners

Photo courtesy of Thai Arroy

If you aren’t in the mood for the classic pasta or pizza and wine combo, try expanding your BYOB horizons with the authentic Asian flavors at Thai Arroy.

It has all the signature Thai dishes you could think of, and I promise you that the authentic Thai peanut sauce will satisfy your sweet and spicy craving. Thai Arroy’s authentic flavors and BYOB option definitely set itself apart from its many outstanding competitors in Fed Hill.

Corner Charcuterie Bar

byob dinners

Photo courtesy of Corner Charcuterie Bar

Compared to other restaurants on the list, this BYOB spot is fancier and also a bit pricier. However, if you check out the menu you will understand why it is a place you must try at least once.

The chef of Corner Charcuterie Bar—previously Corner BYOB—is extremely adventurous, resulting in a menu with constantly changing specials that are full of exotic surprises. Who would’ve thought that bone marrow has a richer flavor than butter when you spread it on baguette?

If you are open to challenging your taste buds, definitely visit Corner. While you do so, you can also bring a bottle with you (there is a liquor store conveniently located across from the restaurant) to lighten up your food adventure even more.

Note: Corner Charcuterie Bar is no longer BYOB after May 1st, which means get there before you need to buy your drinks there *gut wrenching scream*.