I know what you're thinking. WTF is truffle? Do you mean, like, a Lindt LINDOR truffle filled with gooey chocolate? Or the butter that Nicki Minaj (ft. Drake and Lil Wayne) sings about? Neither. Though each of those items are special in their own ways.

This kind of truffle I speak of is only the most magical and indescribable flavor that you ever did taste. Actually a type of fungi, truffles are incredibly rare and therefore highly prized. In fact, French gourmet Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin called truffles the "diamond of the kitchen", and they can cost around $1,000 a pound.

At first, I was a little iffy about truffles. But, after spending a semester in Florence, Italy, I will never look at truffles the same (#AbroadChangedMe).

I made it my goal for four months to try every truffle dish at every restaurant I went to. After careful consideration and calculation, here are the 4 best truffle dishes I experienced, and where you can find them:

Truffle Ravioli- Osteria Delle Tre Panche

Amy Schwartz

If this isn't your first truffle rodeo, and you're willing to try just about anything with truffle in it, this is the place for you. Here, you can order everything from truffle chips to truffle omelets, and of course, as pictured above, truffle ravioli. It's no surprise Osteria delle Tre Panche is a small and intimate restaurant, considering its name literally translates to 'Tavern of the Three Benches'. Because of this, make sure you make a reservation ahead of time to save yourself a spot on one of the benches.

Truffle Pasta- Central Market

Amy Schwartz

Let's say you died and went to foodie heaven, it would probably look something like the Central Market in Florence. Picture an authentic-feeling building where the bottom floor has grocery store-like stands. Upon taking the elevator to the top floor, you enter a surreal land where you can get any kind of food, and somehow every dish is the best version of that dish you have ever had. 

The truffle stand here called 'Il Tartufo Luciano Savini' is no exception. You can't miss it because you can smell the fresh truffle aroma from three stands away. While everything is amazing on the menu, my go-to was the pasta with 'tartufo nero', AKA black truffle.

Truffle Potato Ravioli- Acqua Al 2

Amy Schwartz

If you wanted, you could literally eat cheese with every meal in Florence (and I basically did). But, every now and then, your stomach and tastebuds could use a break. That's where the amazing truffle ravioli from Acqua al 2 comes in. Instead of cheese, this ravioli is filled with a light potato that almost has a pierogi vibe. The truffle oil drizzle along with fresh shaved truffles complete the dish to create a unique truffle experience.

Truffle Gnocchi- Osteria Santo Spirito

Amy Schwartz

I truly did save the best for last. Not only is this dish my favorite, but so is this restaurant. Osteria Santo Spirito is a quaint restaurant on the other side of the river from all the other restaurants I have mentioned. Every. single. thing. is amazing on this menu, and I think my friends and I must have eaten here about ten times. 

This particular dish is truffle gnocchi, AKA gnocchi baked in cheese and truffle oil and little pieces of truffle inside. It is so fresh and warm that it comes out bubbling. Yup.

If you identify as a truffle hater, you should reconsider. I urge you to take the superrrr brave and courageous leap to try truffle (even if it's not in Florence, Italy). Of course, if you somehow find yourself in Florence one day, make sure you get to all four of these restaurants.

I promise you will be very happy, and very truf-FULL.