Telegraph Ave in Berkeley looks a lot different than it did a year ago. This street has always been full of Berkeley food classics right off campus. In the past year, however, Telegraph has been experiencing some major restaurant turnover. I want to help Bears and Future Bears keep it all straight by chronicling what I miss, what's new(ish), and what will never leave those first few blocks down Telegraph. 

Pacific Cookie Company becomes The Organic Coup

beer, coffee
Sarah Fung

This one broke my heart. Pacific Cookie Company was known among students for its free cookies every day of the week. With this business model and Cream as competition, however, it's not too surprising that this beloved dessert spot gave way to The Organic Coup, an organic fast food restaurant focused on chicken. 

Crepes-A-Go-Go becomes Eatsa

coffee, tea
Alison Rao

My Unit 3 roommates and I made takeout salmon crepes our trademark "fancy" meal, so I was sad to see Crepes-A-Go-Go go. Let's not forget the gigantic Nutella jars that lined the windows either. Eatsa, however, has cemented its place as a student takeout favorite with it's healthy bowls made by the famous Eatsa robots.

Blondie's Pizza becomes Abe's Pizza

beer, coffee, pizza
Sarah Fung

I really see little difference between these two pizza shops, but check yourself before you suggest getting a slice from Blondie's. Fear not, though. Abe's is just Blondie's under new ownership, and it offers the same cheap, greasy, plentifully topped pizza slices that kept customers coming back.

Shakespeare and Co. becomes Romeo's Coffee

kettle, espresso, tea, coffee
Jocelyn Hsu

After 51 years serving Telegraph goers, the famed Shakespeare and Co. takes a final bow. The closing of a bookstore would not be Spoonworthy news if not for what took its place. The similarly themed, though strikingly modern, innovative coffee shop Romeo's is now a must-try Telegraph café. 

Bleecker Bistro becomes Han's Bistro

milk, beer, coffee, tea
Sarah Fung

Like the Blondie's to Abe's turnover, there isn't much of a difference between these two restaurants. Han's still offers the same southern, homestyle, comfort food perfect for hangover brunch that Bleecker was known for. 

Smart Alec's becomes Super Duper Burgers

beer, tea, coffee
Sarah Fung

After over 20 years on Telegraph, students and visiting parents looking for a "nice, close, healthy option" had to say goodbye to Smart Alec's. However, since it closed its doors last fall, the property has been a wasteland. A small sign reading "Coming Soon: Super Duper Burgers" is the only indication of a new restaurant. 

But what's here to stay? 

Even though some of the closings of the year were shockers, there are some Telegraph restaurants that will never go away. The community might riot if they did: 

1. Pappy's: don't touch Telegraph's famous sports bar.

coffee, beer
Sarah Fung

2. Chipotle: guac is extra, but our loyalty isn't.

wine, beer
Sarah Fung

3. Noah's Bagels: where will the clubs get their early morning meeting bagels and coffee?

Sarah Fung

4. Cream: that midnight line around the corner is not going anywhere.

wine, beer
Sarah Fung

5. Subway: not sure why, but that's not going anywhere. Maybe it's the bread aroma.

lettuce, cheese, bread, sandwich
Amanda Shulman

The coming year may have Bears wondering what's next on the Telegraph chopping block, but we can count on one thing: Telegraph Ave. shall remain the time-honored gateway to the sights, sounds and especially smells of the Berkeley food scene.