The perfect way to start the day and a fancy appetizer to begin a nice dinner, toast is a simple, yet versatile way to create the perfect bite of different flavors. Toast is like a blank canvas for all sweet and savory creations that can be aesthetically appealing as well as delicious. Let us dig our way through some of the best restaurants and cafes in California that are dishing out some of the best toasts.

1. L’emigrante Wine Bar and Bistro


This wine bar located in San Francisco is pairing its amazing wines with amazing toast. They offer a variety of bruschettas with interesting toppings combinations, such as guacamole and mango salsa or brie and pear.

2. Squirl


Photo courtesy of @mojcyrk on Instagram

Squirl in Los Angeles is famous for their ricotta and jam toast on a large, fresh slab of brioche bread. The toast here hits both sweet and salty notes at the same time with every bite.

3. The Mill SF


Photo courtesy of @thewholefooddiary on Instagram

The Mill in San Francisco is known for their assortment of fresh baked toasts and their homemade spreads. The bread options and spreads change weekly, and some are seasonal. Some spreads include their homemade jams, cream cheese, or their homemade Nutella.

 4. Farm:Table


Photo courtesy of @farmtable on Instagram

With a menu that changes daily, Farm:Table is known for their beautiful fruit toasts. Their fruit toasts are topped with mascarpone cheese and an assortment of fruits that vary from day to day.

 5. Juniper & Ivy


Photo courtesy of Sandra Shu

With a modern atmosphere and a jazzy center bar, Juniper and Ivy dishes out some of the best toasts in California. One of their most famous toasts is the beef tartar with quail eggs served sunny side up. The beef tartar is mixed with jalapeños to give a kick to the toast, as well as crumbles of feta cheese for extra saltiness.

6. Frog Hollow Farm Market


Photo courtesy of @thisis_masha on Instagram

Located in the historic Ferry Building in San Francisco, this little food stall is devoted to delivering fresh and natural produce to their customers. They are known for their simple, yet delicious avocado toast. Served on two perfectly toasted slices of, you’ll find creamy avocados, a drizzle of olive oil, and cracked pepper.

7. B Street and Vine


Photo courtesy of @ankitakat on Instagram

An Italian tapas-style wine bar, B Street and Vine is located in the bay area and is home to some of the most delicious bruschetta toasts around. All of their bruschetta is made from the bread of San Francisco’s famous bakery, Acme Bakery, and is toasted to perfection to give it the perfect crunch. Some of their best toast combinations are dried figs, marscapone cheese, and prosciutto and the salami, pesto, and feta toast.

8Tartine Bakery


Photo courtesy of @thomaspastuszak on Instagram

Famous for their homemade bread that is available to customers only at a certain time in the afternoon, any toast made on Tartine Bakery’s bread is to die for. Some of our favorites are the grilled cheese panini or croque madame, served with pickled carrots.

9. Jane on Fillmore


Photo courtesy of @aimeerancer on Instagram

A cute cafe in San Francisco, Jane on Fillmore is known for their toasts that make a perfect breakfast or snack. Some of our favorites include the mashed avocado with a soft boiled egg and the peanut butter and sliced bananas toast.

10. Bar Tartine


Photo courtesy of @nomsnownyc on Instagram

A high-end restaurant that only serves lunch on the weekends, Bar Tartine is dishing out fancy toasts that are worth every dollar. Some toppings include beef tartar and fancy cheeses.

11. Outerlands


Photo courtesy of @ breadbunnie on Instagram

A cute, hipster brunch spot near the Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, Outerlands makes some of the best breakfast toast in the form of eggs in a jail. It consists of an egg cracked into the whole of a large slab of brioche bread, and the classic toast is upgraded with a serving of avocado and bacon.

12. Cafe St. Jorge


Photo courtesy of @emmdubemm on Instagram

If you’re looking to study at a cafe in San Francisco, Cafe St. Jorge is the place to go for the coffee and delicious toast. Their toasts are made with whole-wheat bread and topped with nut butters, avocado, fruits, and honey.

 13. Dinette


Photo courtesy of @yoorihur on Instagram

For picture-perfect toast, visit Dinette in Los Angeles. They are known for their toast varieties, including avocado with a soft boiled egg, soft scrambled eggs with parmesean cheese, and the smoked salmon toast.

14. Reveille Coffee Co.


Photo courtesy of @calmyourtitstina on Instagram

A hipster cafe in San Francisco, this coffee shop is making toasts that pair perfectly with their coffees. The most popular toast on the menu is the avocado toast, topped with a sunny side up egg for the perfect toast experience.

15. Trouble Coffee and Co.


Photo courtesy of @gabyvillalta on Instagram

Known for serving delicious, thick-cut toasts with a side of a fresh coconut, this cafe is serving toasts that are both sweet and delicious. Some popular ones include the cinnamon toast and peanut butter honey toast. Toast and a fresh coconut, what’s to complain about?

 16. Amara Kitchen


Photo courtesy of @ccphelan on Instagram

A healthy and organic cafe, Amara Kitchen is making toasts that are helping you keep that New Year’s resolution in check. Their avocado toast is bedazzled with colorful and healthy ingredients that are also delicious.

17. Le Pain Quotidien


Photo courtesy of @min861229 on Instagram

Le Pain Quotidien is a cafe and restaurant known for their fresh French breads. They serve over-the-top tartines that are topped with avocado and tuna salads.

 18. Blacktop Coffee


Photo courtesy of @ambrnich on Instagram

A small coffee shop in LA, Blacktop Coffee is making an extravagant avocado toast topped with soft-boiled eggs, radishes, and other fancy greens.

19. The Sycamore Kitchen


Photo courtesy of @ig_pisciotti on Instagram

Toast for lunch? Yes, please. Sycamore Kitchen is serving open-face sandwiches with toppings that are to die for. Some combinations include the chicken salad toast and the fried egg toast with pesto.

20. Home Cafe


Photo courtesy of @steph.galang on Instagram

Home Cafe has a variety of sweet and savory toast options that keep their customers coming back. Some savory favorites include the bacon and corn toast and the chicken meatball with pesto toast. Sweet options include cinnamon sugar and condensed milk.