Columbus may be known for the Buckeyes, but it's also a big food city. With many plant-based options around and more vegan restaurants in Columbus popping up, it's becoming even easier to eat vegan in the city. Whether they be from an all-vegan restaurant, or a restaurant diversifying its options, if you're looking for some plant-based fare, Columbus has it all.

From entrées to bring even carnivores back, plant-centered bowls and plates, and even vegan junk food/baked goods, you're bound to find several favorites from these vegan restaurants in Columbus.

The Angry Baker

Okay, I just had to start off with my favorite place on this list: The Angry Baker. The small, artsy cafe serves breakfast, brunch, and lunch, and they just opened a new location that's open for dinner as well. They have a huge range of vegan options from pancakes to tofu scrambles, wraps, bowls, and curries, and of course, tons of house baked goods. My favorites include the tofu scramble on a salad, their current vegan pancake, or their jackfruit. Finish off any meal with a cookie, muffin, or scone.

Northstar Cafe

Have you ever been curious as to where the best veggie burger is? It's right here, at Northstar Cafe in Columbus, Ohio. Made up of mostly black beans, beets, and brown rice, not only has it been noticed in Columbus, but it's known around the nation, highlighted even by The Kitchn. The cafe offers lunch and dinner, along with breakfast and brunch at some of their locations.

Besides their distinguished burger, Northstar is also famous for their Buddha bowls: brown rice, steamed or sautéed veggies, black beans, and roasted tofu or chicken. Their roasted tofu is crispy and the best! It comes with a peanut sauce which contains honey, so you can ask for a different sauce or do as I do and go without. They also have salads, wraps, and flatbreads that can be made vegan, in addition to daily specials and fresh juices

#SpoonTip: Try the Shooting Star: made up of oranges, carrots, and ginger.

Portia's Cafe

Portia's Cafe is one of the few 100% vegan restaurants in Columbus, and everything they make is 100% gluten-free as well. They strive to use local, organic, and non-GMO ingredients, and feature many raw dishes. Favorites include: their hummus, Notuna dip, raw falafel, all of their soups, Pizzadillas, quesadillas, and their wide range of desserts (from raw cheezecake to cookies and mousse). They have smoothies every day, and even waffles for brunch on the weekends. 

Strongwater Food & Spirits

Strongwater is a high-end restaurant located in part of an old warehouse in downtown Columbus. Their menu highlights vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free choices, which are integrated into the regular menu. They are wildly famous for their jackfruit tacos, but also have a black bean burger and quinoa cakes that are a hit. Their menu changes seasonally, so always be on the lookout for their vegan options.

Lalibela Ethiopian Restaurant

Lalibela is one of the few Ethiopian restaurants in Columbus, but it's the best that I've ever tried. It's a bit far out on the East Side of Columbus, but it's so worth the drive my dad and I make every time I'm home for break. The Ethiopian Orthodox Church has many periods of fasting, so many dishes, including their vegetarian dishes, are naturally vegan.

They offer four vegan entrées: Collard Greens, Cabbage, Yellow Lentils, and Red Lentils, but my favorite is "Beyaynetu," the combination platter. The four items are served on Injera, a sourdough bread made of fermented Teff flour, with extra injera on the side. It's fluffy, spongy, sour, and tangy, and goes great with the spice profile of the entrées. You'll leave happy and satisfied with leftovers for the next day.

Alchemy Juice Bar + Cafe

Alchemy Juice Bar + Cafe opened up just a few years ago in Columbus, but quickly became the most popular juice and smoothie joint around. With a prime location under The Fitness Loft on Parsons, you can get your workout and perfect post-workout meal in one go! Their menu is now huge, offering a long and ever-growing list of juices, smoothies, bowls, toasts, sandwiches, and more.

My favorites include the Blueberry Almond Butter & Banana Cacao Avocado Bowls, the Blueberry Detox & Breakfast Smoothie II, the Mean Green & Green Machine Juices, the BBQ Jackfruit, Chickpea Salad Sandwiches, Ultimate Veg Sandwich, and their soups and daily doughnuts and protein bites.

I clearly love them, and there's something for everyone with their huge selection. Check out their amazing Insta for mouthwatering pics and Facebook feed for their daily and seasonal specials.

Gokul Cafe

Columbus is filled with Indian restaurants. Gokul Cafe is fairly new, but took off immediately. This vegetarian south Indian restaurant is committed to preserving culture and tradition, and serves fresh, quality food, to your custom liking. 60% of their food is naturally vegan and up to 85% of it can be made vegan.

To completely customize your meal, head in for dinner to order off the menu. However, as with all Indian restaurants, I'd highly recommend heading in for their lunch buffet, which is extensive enough that you'll leave more than satisfied with a vegan meal. Everything is cleanly labeled and the owners can answer any question.

Whole World Bakery & Cafe

"Back in the day," Whole World used to be the only place offering vegan breakfast/brunch, but as we can now see, it's everywhere! Whole World is located a bit far, on outskirts of Columbus, but is well worth the drive. 

Originally a pizza and bakery joint, they're now well known for their pizzas and eggplant "meatball" sub (one of my faves). Though they don't have a website and their Facebook is out of date, you can rely on their Facebook fans, Yelp, etc. for up-to-date reviews. They're also well known for their bakery goods, especially their cookies and Buckeye bars. If you make it in for breakfast, keep an eye out for their French toast and tofu scramble.

Pierogi Mountain 

Located inside of Cafe Bourbon Street, a punk rock music club, Pierogi Mountain started as a small pop-up about a year ago, and is now widely popular for lunch delivery, and in-store with the late-night crowd. They've become a hit with vegans because of their many options. They offer several vegan pierogis, a vegan soup, a vegan sausage, and sometimes even vegan mac!

Condado Tacos

Condado's is unique in that they serve only tacos. But hey, that's not a bad thing. They've got a salsa bar and a huge range of tequila and drinks to go along with it. They have a small set menu of favorites, and you can't go wrong with their vegan hesher, which is grilled mushrooms, guac, corn salsa, spicy pickled jalapeños, and pico.

You can also build your own taco (FYI, they're big!) with bbq jackfruit or Thai chili tofu, then add on any of their toppings, sauces, or sides, and you've got endless options. Add on a side of black beans (be wary, it's a small side) and some of the ghost pepper salsa (if you dare) and you're set.


Oddfellow's Liquor Bar downtown is a whole new thing. Though it's a bar, they have family-friendly food, too. The Woodhouse crew started the Monday night vegan pop-up, with staples like loaded chili, grilled cheese, pretzel bites (MY FAVE), and nachos, along with specials every week ranging from chickpea curry to spicy mac and cheese. YES PLEASE?

They also have an "All-You-Can-Eat Classy As F*uck Brunch Buffet" with vegan options like roasted potatoes, pancakes (flavor changes weekly), a soup, tofu scramble, salad, and more. With drinks, duh. But still family-friendly. Get weekly updates on Facebook.


Basil is one of my favorite restaurants in Columbus. Located in the Short North & the Brewery District, this Thai restaurant with blow your mind with their flavors and options. The restaurant is knowledgable about dietary restrictions, and almost anything can be made vegan. Their menu is extensive, but my favorites include their roasted vegetable salad, their fresh rolls (but they do have "egg" rolls!), cucumber or papaya salad, and the mixed veg or eggplant entrée.

Destination Donuts

Destination Donuts is a unique donut concept in that the mastermind chef behind the business, Heather Morris, uses high-quality ingredients, and local whenever possible. Their donuts are available mainly at The North Market, but also at coffee shops around town. While their flavors are always changing, I remember liking something berry, something cardamom, and loving the pistachio. Their options aren't all vegan, so be sure to double check what is the day you're there.

Pattycake Bakery 

Pattycake Bakery was founded in 2003, and has been 100% vegan since day one. They have cookies, cupcakes, muffins, and are famous for their sticky buns and Buckeye bars. They even have granola and raw "live" cheezecake! Personal faves include the lemon blueberry and raspberry pistachio (the second was a custom order). Their goodies can be found in coffee shops and stores all around the city as well. And a bonus: they're striving to be green in all aspects of their business.

Fukuryu Ramen

Fukuryu Ramen is only about a year old, but it made a huge splash the second it opened as Columbus' first ramen restaurant. There is a single vegetarian bowl that can easily be made vegan by leaving out the egg and buttered corn. It's huge and packed with flavor, with the miso broth topped with marinated tofu, seaweed, mushrooms, and whatever else you'd like to add. Don't forget to get some edamame.

Willobeez SoulVeg

Willobeez SoulVeg is another pop-up type joint. Located in the Hills Market Downtown, they serve lunch Mondays and Fridays (for meatless Monday and fresh Fridays). They always have chili, cornbread, plantains, and rolls, along with specials such as curry, pasta or mac, and stews. Keep up with their offerings on Facebook.


If you’re looking for fast-casual, but still nice dining, Brassica is the way to go. Brassica is a build-your-bowl style Mediterranean eatery. Owners and brothers, Kevin & Darren, opened the restaurant, and named it as “an ode [to] a family of vegetables known for their serious nutrition."

You choose your base: a plate of hummus, a (house made, whole wheat) pita, or a bed of greens, and top it with rice/lentils, a protein, then choose from a huge selection of dips, pickled vegetables, and sautéed vegetables. They’re also life savers with “family-style takeout”. This is real (healthy!) comfort food.

Paulie Gee's Pizza

Paulie Gee’s Pizza is like, vegan pizza heaven. Yes, pizza can still be damn good without loading it up with cheese and meat. You just need a really flavorful sauce, and Paulie Gee’s has that. Heck, they even have a vegan pizza section on their menu!

The pizzas are loaded with veg toppings, but even better, Paulie Gee’s serves them up (optional) with house made cashew milk ricotta and house vegan sausage. Like, how freaking cool is that?! (Thank you for no Daiya, amiright?).

Harvest Pizzeria

Well, the damn good pizza doesn’t stop there. Harvest Pizzeria has three locations around town, with the menu varying slightly at each place. Either way, you can’t go wrong with their menu. They source from local farms as much as possible, and are transparent about the local farms and vendors they use online.

In house, they’ve got a white bean and herb dip and a veggie burger in addition to their pizzas, which can come with a vegan pesto and topped with vegan chorizo or vegan sausage. They have numerous sauces and a plethora of vegetables to top their pizzas, so the whole fam should leave happy and satisfied.


Fusian is not your typical sushi place; it's above and beyond the norm. The first location opened in 2010, and now there are locations all over Columbus, Toledo, Dayton, and Cincinnati. It's a build-your-own sushi place that places high value not only on their food, but also their restaurant environment and sustainability. When you build your roll, you can choose from a seaweed or soy wrap, white or brown rice, then add tofu and any of about 10 veggies and 10 toppings or sauces. Round it out with a soup or side for an umami-rich meal.

So there you have it, the best options at vegan restaurants in Columbus. Whether you've tried any of them before or not, head out now and find your favorite. But no worries, the list doesn't end here; there numerous other plant-based options in the city, so there's something for everyone, everywhere.