The Windy City can be cold pretty much at any time of the year. In my opinion, the best way to warm up is to head to a Chinese restaurant for some flavorful comfort food. With a huge selection of unforgettable dishes at iconic Chinese restaurants, you can find at least one that you'll love. But why try just one when you can try 15 restaurants that serve the best Chinese food in Chicago?

1. Ming Hin 

Located in Chinatown and at a few locations around the city, Ming Hin has a stellar Dim Sum selection along with mouthwatering menu items. My favorite dishes here include the chicken corn soup, veggie spring rolls, and the chicken chow mein. 

2. Shanghai Terrace

If you're feeling fancy, head to Shanghai Terrace for some high-end Chinese dining complete with '30s-era decor on a terrace with views of the Peninsula Hotel. At lunch, bamboo baskets of freshly steamed dim sum contain favorites such as barbecue pork buns, Peking Duck, and shrimp and chive dumplings.

3. Chengdu Impression

Chengdu Cuisine is the representation of Sichuan Cuisine, the most popular and beloved regional Chinese cuisine. At Chengdu Impression, the chefs apply the classic and contemporary Sichuan style cooking technique and use the most authentic and original condiments. They have tons of vegetarian options as well.

4. Sun Wah BBQ

Featured on Food Network, Sun Wah BBQ is home to some of Chicago's most delicious Hong Kong-style BBQ dishes. Their most famous off-menu course is the beautifully roasted Beijing Duck which is brought to your table and expertly carved. 

5. Lao Sze Chuan 

Lao Sze Chuan serves authentic Sichuan cuisine with high-quality materials and ingredients. They have tons of soup, fried rice, and even fried noodle options. There is even a section for "Chef's Recommendations" that includes dishes on the spicier side for those of you who like the heat.

6. Duck Duck Goat

Every dish is a delicacy at Duck Duck Goat in the West Loop. The menu is limited compared to a lot of places, but every dish is prepared with authentic flavors and modern cooking techniques. They have unique dishes such as octopus salad, goat belly lo mein, and a miso sundae. 

7. Chi Cafe

Chi Cafe not only has beautiful ambiance, but they have a menu full of fresh soups, fried rice, special snacks, and so much more. Stop in for a light lunch, snack, or super satisfying dinner. I must add that they are open until 4 am on weekdays and 24 hours on weekends. 

8. Fat Rice

Fat Rice not only offers unique Chinese dishes, but comfort food from around the world is served in this rustic space. They have a Macanese (Chinese and Portuguese fusion) menu for brunch, lunch, and dinner, as well as cocktails and wines in a chic setting.

9. Qing Xiang Yuan Dumpling

QXY Dumping is well known because of their fresh, hand-made dumplings. They even offer classes for anyone interested in the art of dumpling-making. Popular menu items include lamb kebabs, spicy kimchi, and shrimp dumplings.

10. Emperor's Choice Restaurant

Emperor's Choice is the premier restaurant for your takeout needs. They have classic favorites like General Tso's Chicken as well as more unique menu items like marinated jellyfish. 

11. Great Sea Restaurant 

Great Sea Restaurant serves Korean and Chinese fusion cuisine. They are most known for their super flavorful chicken wings. 

12. Go 4 Food

Go 4 Food is one of Chinatown Chicago's hidden gems. It is an award-winning fusion restaurant. One of their most famous dishes is the Chili Fusion Crab. Some of their more unique menu items include Baby Geoduck and Millionaire Style Fried Rice. 

13. Golden Bull Restaurant

Golden Bull Restaurant is a Chinese eatery with a modern dining room specializing in Cantonese seafood. Popular menu items include crab rangoon, Mongolian beef, and sesame chicken. 

14. Li Hing

Li Hing takes the classic takeout menu to the next level. They have tons of options from many different cuisines. Their unique menu items include BBQ pork lo mein, Thai pineapple fried rice, and lychee iced tea. 

15. House of Fortune

House of Fortune is a super casual Chinese eatery that serves modern takes on classic dishes including Peking duck, seafood egg drop soup, and Singapore noodles. They also have a list of steamed and boiled items for a healthier meal option. 

Chi Town is a true Chinese Food Town. They have thousands of places with irresistible menu items. There are plenty of ways to try a new dish and put the "pow" in kung pao.