Until recently, my ramen experience involved the very low priced ramen bought at a grocery store. However, after moving to New York City, I thought I should bring my ramen game to the next level. Of course through word of mouth, and the love of ramen, the search didn't take long.

1. Mr. Taka Ramen

With a stylish interior and clean, colorful plates, Mr. Taka Ramen is definitely a place to check out. If you're looking for experienced, well-traveled flavors, check out what Mr. Taka Ramen has to offer your tastebuds. 

2. Zutto Japanese American Pub

The brightness and open-feel of Zutto leaves customers feeling welcomed as they enjoy their ramen. While the pub offers many other plates, ramen seems to be everyones top choice—explaining in their title "We do ramen, right."

3. Ichiran

At Ichiran there is an option of either group seating or closed-off individual seating. The individual seating, otherwise known as "flavor concentration booths", allow you to avoid encounters throughout your whole visit. Definitely worth experiencing.  

4. Kuu Ramen

Kuu Ramen is set in a very cozy, intimate area. While the next person isn't too far away from you, the Kuu Ramen serves up delicious ramen, that never fails to impress. 

5. E.A.K. Ramen

EAK specializes in ramen that combines styles of preparation from both the east and west, creating a "very distinct" type of ramen. The broth is thick, mixed with chicken and pork, and the noodles are also "thick, bold, and straight".

6. Mei Jin Ramen

Mei Jin Ramen, a dimly-lit restaurant, that also provides a cocktail and dessert bar, is located on the Upper East Side of NYC. The restaurant specializes in Japanese cuisine with an array of options. If you're unable to make the hike to UES, don't worry, they deliver. 

7. Shuya Cafe de Ramen

With a clean design and mouthwatering food, Shuya Cafe de Ramen ensures perfection of every edible creation. From the small plates to the ramen, it is sure not to disappoint.

8. Momosan Ramen

Ramen and sake are of the two most important things at Momosan. Whether you're by yourself or with a group of people, this is the perfect place to eat at if you're interested in pairing one (or more) of their 20 sake options with your meal. 

9. Jin Ramen

According to Jin Ramen's site, Jin is Japanese for "benevolence." The style of ramen that Jin provides is Hakata ramen, which is described as a "very pungent smell thanks to a pork rib broth called tonkotsu." The overall goal of the restaurant is to grow enthusiasm for ramen within the community. So, submerge yourself in the endless wonders of Jin Ramen.

10. Ichiba Ramen

Don't let the fancy lights that line the interior of the restaurant distract you from the bowl of heaven that sits in front of you. Ichiba Ramen prides themselves in bringing Asia to America through the ingredients provided in their dishes. 

11. Mew Men

Mew Men offers the option of sitting up front where all the cooking action takes place, or in a seat a bit further away. Regardless of the seating, you won't be missing out on much between your first and last bit of ramen. 

12. Ramen Yebisu

While a very modern-style restaurant, the ramen is traditionally crafted with homemade noodles at Ramen Yebisu. In addition there is an open view into the kitchen, where you can witness the process and the final product of your meal. 

13. Waka Ramen

From the comfortable seating to the distinctive plating, there's nothing imperfect and about the perfect Waka Ramen. Be sure to stop by to try the unique flavor of Waka.

14. Ramen Shack

Ramen Shack is a pop-up restaurant and is dishing out amazing ramen. Not in the mood for soup? Maybe introduce your tastebuds to a new sensation by trying a ramen burger.  

15. Ramen Lab

Ramen lab is a very small restaurant with only 10 or so seats available. Ramen lab allows for tasting and cooking classes. Be sure to keep an eye out for this pop-up restaurant. 

Step out and give your tastebuds a change of pace with the best ramen in NYC. There is plenty to learn and experience on the ramen venture, so don't let store-bought ramen hold you back. However, if you're not in the mood for going out, try stepping up the ramen at home.