Move over, hamburgers. Japanese cuisine has invaded the nation's capital as one of the tastiest and comforting foods around, and I'm 100% okay with it. 10 years ago DC barely had any ramen places, so the explosion of delicious umami flavors today is exciting. Get out your chopsticks and prepare to be amazed, because here's a list of the best ramen in DC.

Toki Underground

The first ramen restaurant to arrive in DC, Toki Underground is a Capitol Hill icon. It's rising stardom among DC's culinary world started the popularity of ramen in the DC area. You may have to wait a while to be seated because of the demand for their noodles, though you can always order delivery. Try their Kimchi or Vegetarian ramen to taste a culinary masterpiece.


Located a little out of the city in Fairfax, Virginia, Marumen is well worth the drive (or metro commute). Their menu is a delicious monument to Ramen. If my Japanese friend is to be trusted, Marumen is "the most authentic Japanese ramen in America." While that's a high bar to fill, Marumen exceeds expectations. And bonus: they have mochi ice cream. Yum!


Attention all college students in the Georgetown area! In addition to having great sushi, Kintaro offers $10 bowls of ramen. The salty and savory flavors of their ramen will satisfy any ramen craving you have. Try their Shoyu or Miso ramen, which are an affordable and delicious lunch or dinner.


Take a blast to the past at Chaplin's Restaurant on 9th Street NW. Their 1930's themed decor and menu will have you missing the days of speakeasies and silent movies. Chaplin's also has a vegan and vegetarian friendly menu, a rarity in the ramen world. Come for the ramen, stay for the amazing dumplings, and leave happy.


Daikaya is the ultimate ramen bar experience - and I use bar literally, as the restaurant is built around a gorgeous bar where you can order a cocktail and watch the ramen chefs personally prepare your food. Their Sapporo-style ramen is awesome, and they were recently recognized as one of the best vegetarian-friendly restaurants in DC. Try the Shio ramen for a real treat.

Oki Bowl

With a menu influenced by food from all over the world, though Thailand in particular, Oki Bowl serves innovative and inventive twists on traditional ramen. Keep an eye out for the huge deep fried prawn and fried chicken you can add to your bowl. Their ramen can be quite spicy, so beware. You might want to order the green tea tiramisu to cool down. 


Sakuramen is situated right in the artsy Adams Morgan neighborhood, and the hipster vibe resonates through their restaurant. If you're looking for a spicy challenge, try your tastebuds at the Tonkotsu Red ramen, which can be flavored anywhere from mild to fire-hot spicy. If testing the limits of your heat-tolerance isn't your thing, their other ramen is spectacular.

Ren's Ramen

Located in Silver Spring, Maryland, Ren's Ramen does a mean bowl of ramen. The restaurant ships their noodles all the way from Sapporo, Japan, so you know they're legit.  Be warned that they have a "Cash Only" policy and limited parking, but these small inconveniences are well worth it once you taste their delicious ramen.


If you're looking for great appetizers or plates for the side of your ramen, you've come to the right place at Momofuku. The restaurant offers a lot of options to chow down on, though their ramen takes the cake. Momofuku's take on the noodle dish ranges from traditional to crazy inventive. Try the Hozon Ramen for a chickpea-studded ramen, or the Pork Ramen for a more traditional experience.


It may be a drive to get to Yona in Arlington, Virginia, but that drive is worth it. Yona features traditional ramen like the Miso Porky Ramen, but try out their Chicken Noodle Ramen for a soul-warming twist on the Japanese dish. They also offer some great poke bowls and small plates, so you can munch on some tasty morels while you wait for your ramen to cook.

This is just a small sampling of the best ramen in DC. Lucky for us, DC is up and coming on the map next to NYC and LA as a great city for ramen. Next time you're wandering around the Capitol, stop by these restaurants for a bowl of the best ramen in DC. Your stomach (and soul) will thank you.