Nothing quite beats a hearty dish of gnocchi or pasta carbonara. For those who enjoy pasta (like me), I have news for you: Chicago, the heart of the Midwest, consists of a variety of must-try pasta spots. Move over, deep-dish pizza (Lou Malnati's, I'm talking to you), and without further ado, here are 10 eateries that serve the best pasta in Chicago. 

The Pasta Bowl

In the mood for overwhelmingly delicious pasta that won't drain your wallet? Check out The Pasta Bowl, a place that offers a variety of pasta dishes that'll blow your mind. The eatery is best known for the "Farfalle Pollo" pasta, which includes grilled chicken and sun-dried tomatoes in a house cream sauce. Sign me up. 

Pasta Palazzo

This cozy Lincoln Park restaurant is known for innovative pasta dishes. Throw those traditional pasta cravings out the window, and try Pasta Palazzo, which is known for its Jalapeño Gnocchi. Yes, you heard me right. 


Down the road from Pasta Palazzo, this more expensive pasta place features a colorful range of dishes. My recommendation? Try the house-made gnocchi.

#SpoonTip: This restaurant includes a lengthy wine list, a perfect pairing for your pasta. 

Sapori Trattoria

Similar to Pasta Palazzo and Balena, this place resides on North Halstead Street. Kill three birds with one trip (I think that's how the saying goes) to this area of Chicago, and visit these pasta-famous places.

If you decide to head to Sapori Trattoria, you must try the Gnocchi al Brivido. With chicken breast, sun-dried tomatoes, and Parmesan cheese tossed in a pesto sauce, this dish sounds to-die-for (not to mention, it's pretty Instagram-worthy). 

Pasta D'Arte Trattoria Italiana

If you're on the North Side of Chicago, head over to Pasta D'Arte. With large portions and welcoming service, the restaurant features a range of classic Italian dishes at a cheap price. If you're in the mood to spice things up, order the Ravioli Di Zucca — pumpkin-filled ravioli in a butter sage sauce. Sounds heavenly.

Club Lago

Since 1952, Club Lago has served old school Italian food. A staple in Chicago's food scene, Club Lago represents three generations of the family that founded this joint a half a century ago. Not quite in the mood for pasta? Order the Veal Piccante or the Chicken Vesuvio


Looking for the best pasta in Chicago? If you're a native to this area, you've heard of this Italian marketplace. Unique in its layout, Eataly features a variety of shops and eateries in its enormous space.

La Pizza & La Pasta, which makes its pasta from scratch daily, is one of the several restaurants in Eataly. After stuffing your face with pasta, finish the day off with some refreshing gelato or a cannoli. 


Eat like a president (literally, the Obamas have dined here) at one of Chicago's priciest Italian restaurants. Its prime location on Michigan Avenue makes it no stranger to hosting big names. 

RPM Italian 

Owned by celebrity couple Bill & Giuliana Rancic, RPM Italian is the sister restaurant to RPM Steakhouse. This restaurant puts a modern twist on classic Italian dining. The menu, which features surprisingly budget-friendly items, consists of dishes like Maine Lobster Ravioli and the ever-so-classic Carbonara. 

The Village

This aesthetically-pleasing restaurant allows you to enjoy freshly-made pasta under twinkling skies of a recreated Italian village. This restaurant is also familiar with hosting big names — portraits of celebs who've wined and dined here hang from the wall near the exit. I should mention, this place has been around for a long time, too (I'm talking since around 1927). With good food and a fun environment, The Village is one of the oldest and best Italian restaurants in Chicago. 

The next time a craving for mind-blowing pasta hits you, noodle your way around Chicago to these jaw-dropping pasta places. Try one or try them all, but trust me, you won't be disappointed.