Whenever I go out to eat with family or friends, we almost always have nachos as an appetizer. In fact, my sister often gets them as her meal. But if you're going to be having nachos, you may as well be having the best. Over the years I've compiled a list of some of the places that I think have the best nachos in Chicagoland

1. Leland Legends Pub & Grill

Located in Aurora, Il, these nachos are by far the best I've ever had and they're certainly the best nachos in Chicagoland. They truly deserve the name legendary. These nachos are definitely worth the drive. 

2. Little Goat Diner

This adorable restaurant somehow manages to be both classy and homely at the same time. Plus, if you stalk the restaurant's Instagram you can see pictures of their son Ernie growing up. 

3. Chuck's Southern Comforts Café

This restaurant brings the taste of the South up to Illinois. Sometimes there's nothing better than a little bit of Southern hospitality and comfort. 

4. Diamante Azul

Diamante Azul offers a big dollop of guac with their chips, which for a lot of people is a must-have. This restaurant knows how to do Mexican and their nachos are no exception. 

5. Federales

While this heaping pile of nachos may look like enough to serve a small army, they're delicious enough that you'll want to eat them all yourself. This place is definitely worth a try. 

6. Half Acre Beer Company

Everyone knows that nachos goes great with beer, so why not get both at this restaurant which excels at them. The beer is one of the best around and the nachos are too. 

7. Ditka's

Nachos don't just have to be an appetizer. They can be a meal. Ditka's does just that by offering these pot roast nachos, which are both tasty and filling. 

8. Benchmark

These nachos taste even better than they look, which is saying something. Plus, they're holding a contest this summer where you could win $100 for posting a picture of yourself at the restaurant with your dog. Easy money for a good time. 

9. Twisted Spoke

These nachos are deliciously messy in just the way that nachos should be. No matter who you're eating these nachos with, you're sure to make memories. 

10. Theory

At theory, you're not just given a big pile of nachos with toppings thrown on. While you may not get as many nachos, each is delicately stacked with the perfect amount of toppings, making eating easy. It's certainly a new kind of nacho but I still loved it. If this is your kind of thing, you may think these are the best nachos in Chicago. 

No matter what the purpose of your dinner is, getting it started on the right note is the key to a great night. Nachos are the perfect key to do just that. The better the nachos, the better the night will start. So go find those perfect nachos and have yourself a great night.