British food is one of my favorite cuisines. So when I went to London over spring break this year, I was quite excited to try all the delicious food. And I was not disappointed. I can confidently say that I had some of the best food of my life while in London. So here are my favorites from my time there. 

The Savoy

Wendy Wang

Afternoon tea is one of my favorite things in the world, so obviously I had to come to one of the most classic places for it, having been started in 1889. From the warm, fluffy scones to the exceptional service, it did not disappoint. Lounging on the comfy chairs while eating a tray of baked goods, such as the light and creamy chocolate mousse and the subtly sweet poppy seed cake, is an excellent way to take a break from all that sightseeing. 

Borough Market

If food markets like Smorgasburg are your thing, Borough Market is a must-see. I'd definitely recommend getting the buttery and gooey cheese toasties stuffed with leeks and onions from Kappacasein Dairy. For dessert, the sugary honey-comb donuts at Bread Ahead, composed of fluffy brioche dough, sweet caramel cream, and topped with a piece of crunchy honeycomb, is also a must. 


Stepping into this restaurant feels like stepping into a whole new and whimsical world, with the food to match. From the fluffy warm scones to the subtly sweet and light slice of Victoria sponge, eating here is sure to be an extremely special experience you won't forget. 

The Sanderson Afternoon Tea

If you are like me and was obsessed with Alice in Wonderland as a child, you'll love this themed afternoon tea spot. Here, you can try whimsical desserts and sandwiches, like melt-in-your-mouth mushroom-shaped marshmallows and watch-shaped macarons. Plus, you can pick tea from one of their custom blends inspired by various characters from Alice in Wonderland. I particularly enjoyed the Mad Hatter tea, which was a green tea infused with passion fruit, guava and mango. 

The Fish House

Wendy Wang

Obviously, fish and chips is a must when you're in the U.K, and there's no better place then this tiny chip shop. The fish is coated in a light and crispy batter, and the fish itself is very mild-tasting, flaky, and cooked just the right amount. The chips, despite being thicker than the fries I'm used to, with a perfectly crisp and crunchy outside, gives way to a soft, creamy interior. 

Nobu Shoreditch

Located in one of the coolest neighborhoods in London, this Nobu, one of three in London, has one of the best brunch buffets in the city. For £55, you get a main dish and access to the extensive brunch buffet, which includes hits like spicy tuna on crispy rice and flambéed-to order caneles. Definitely get the Eggs Benedict, which is made up of fried tofu topped with king crab, poached eggs, shiso hollandaise, and salmon roe.

Ottolenghi Notting Hill

Located in one of London's most beautiful neighborhoods, noted chef Yotam Ottolenghi's namesake cafe, has some of the best-baked goods in London. One of my favorite London memories comes from sitting at the communal dining table in the back with the sunlight filtering in, enjoying my breakfast. My absolute favorite was the parmesan pretzel, which is everything you could ever want in a savory pastry. It's basically a parmesan flavored croissant dough, twisted into a pretzel shape and topped with chopped herbs. You will probably devour it within ten seconds.


Wendy Wang

London has no shortage of good Indian restaurants, but this Michelin-starred establishment is definitely one of the best. To fully experience this restaurant, splurge and get one of their tasting menus, which is a multi-course experience that fully showcases the best of their menu.  The crispy and crunchy fried soft-shell crab, with a slightly sweet tomato chutney, as well as the Meen Manga Curry, which is a creamy, pleasantly spicy cod and mango curry, were my personal favorites. Don't skip the fluffy,  garlicky naan bread though, as it is the perfect vehicle to mop up all that delicious curry. 

The Cow Pub and Dining

Wendy Wang

Since I'm underage, I can’t really tell you if this pub serves good drinks, but I can assure you that the food is superb. Come for traditional favorites such as steak and ale pie with a delightfully tender filling, but don’t forget to save room for dessert. The banoffee pie was the highlight of my meal—It had a buttery crust, rich caramel filling, and light whipped cream topping.

J Sheekey

Located in London's West End, this iconic restaurant is perfect for grabbing a bite before a show or if you're in the mood for really good seafood. Their flaky, melt-in-your-mouth fish swims in a bath of deliciously thick, creamy sauce, and is topped with mash and a bit of crispy breadcrumbs, creating an extraordinarily tasty dish. Dessert was just as incredible—The comforting apple crumble with warm custard is the dish you didn't know you needed in your life. 


Wendy Wang

Full confession: the first time I tried bubble tea was when I was in London, and it was from Bubbleology. But the good news is that ninth-grade me thought it was amazing, and I've been addicted to bubble tea ever since. That's just how good this place is. Their inventive, unique flavors make every drink worth the sugar coma they ensue, especially the nojito. The combination of lychee, mint, coconut water, and blueberry popping boba is delightfully fruity and refreshing. 

I hope that by now I've convinced you that London has tons of really amazing food, and is even a foodie destination. I don't know about you, but I'm already planning my next trip.