Rodeo Houston, like any carnival or fair, is a foodie's absolute dream. Reappearing every spring, the Rodeo is something that all Houstonians look forward to each and every year. Some love the carnival rides and others anticipate seeing their favorite country artists, but if you're anything like me, the best part is by far the food.

At the Rodeo, one can expect to find all types of food from fried butter balls (seriously, they exist), enormous corndogs, to pizza on a stick. With Rodeo Houston soon coming to end, it's time to reminisce all of the best foods the fair has to offer.

1. Fried Oreos

Fried Oreos are a Rodeo Houston staple. Every night of the Rodeo, any Houstonian can expect to see at least one Snapchat story featuring a plate full of fried Oreos. This is not surprising, because they are quite delicious and addictive. There's nothing better than biting into a crunchy, fried exterior being met with America's favorite cookie. If there's one fried dish you'll allow yourself to eat during your next Rodeo visit, make sure it's a fried Oreo. 

2. Corn in a Cup

You may be thinking, "Corn? Really? Boring", but do not be fooled. The corn at the Rodeo is unlike any other, and it is one of my favorite Rodeo Houston foods. It is warm, juicy, and has the classic corn flavor one would expect. The best thing about Rodeo corn, though, is the table of toppings you can choose from. Whether you like the classic butter or want to spice things up with chili powder, garlic salt, or even Hot Cheetos dust, corn at the Rodeo is a satisfying classic. 

3. Chicken on a Stick 

If you love fried chicken and the novelty of eating something on a stick, then you must try the Rodeo's Chicken on a Stick. This dish is a giant chicken nugget on a stick, complete with a biscuit on top. It's definitely a simpler option at the Rodeo but still has that delicious only-at-the-rodeo flavor. 

4. Jumbo Corn Dog

The phrase "it's bigger and better in Texas" definitely applies to this one. An all-time favorite Rodeo food of mine has got to be the jumbo corn dog. Corn dogs are a classic food item, but for some reason, they taste better at the Rodeo when they are massive (we're talking almost a foot long!). Make sure to try one, and don't forget an insanely-huge order of curly fries to go along with it. 

5. Funnel Cake

Once again, a classic at any fair. The perfection of fried dough topped with powdered sugar and an array of toppings just cannot be beat when it comes to traditional fair food. When you go to the Rodeo, you go to indulge yourself after all, so a funnel cake is the perfect way to treat yourself at Rodeo Houston. You can't go wrong when you top it with the classic, powdered sugar, strawberries, or ice cream

6. Tater Twister

The tater twisters at Rodeo Houston are pretty much a giant potato chip/ french fry masterpiece wrapped around a stick. Any fan of fried potatoes should definitely give this a try. They're greasy, salty, and delicious. Plus, you get to choose your favorite seasoning on top, although we all know garlic parmesan is where it's at. What more can you ask for in a typical Rodeo dish?

7. Fried Cookie Dough

This year at the Rodeo, I decided to go outside of my fried comfort zone and try a new fried dish: fried cookie dough. Oh my goodness, it was amazing. I'm a huge fan of cookies, so this was actual perfection. Imagine biting into warm, gooey cookie dough with a sweet, fried outside. Yes, I fell instantly in love. If you're going to try a new fried food at the Rodeo, make sure it's fried cookie dough. 

8. Turkey Leg

Texas does not skimp out with anything, and it definitely applies to its enormous turkey legs. Like any true Texan event, the Rodeo would not be complete without people walking around with giant turkey legs in their hands. If you're more into the savory options at the Rodeo, you will never go wrong by ordering a juicy, tender turkey leg. Not to mention, it will fill you up because it is huge. You can take a step back from the greasy food for a minute, and take in some well-needed protein.

9. Pizza on a Stick

Another dish on a stick, this time it's pizza. Foods somehow taste better when they're on a stick, and pizza is no exception. The pizza on a stick at the rodeo is like a giant calzone, where the crust is on the outside, wrapped around the stick. Inside, it is filled with the classic pizza flavors of mozzerella, tomato sauce, and spices. Not only does this taste amazing, but it is so much easier to walk around the Rodeo when you have this in your hand than a dripping hot slice of pizza.

10. Fried Butter Balls

Did I save the best for last? Honestly, I am not sure. Personally, I have never been brave enough to try this Rodeo Houston classic, but it's definitely on my bucket-list. I cannot be too bad, right? I love fried foods, and we all know butter makes anything taste better. I challenge you to try fried butter balls next time you're at the Rodeo or a fair, because YOLO

If you couldn't tell, Rodeo Houston is filled with sampling of unique and classic fair foods. Whether you're into the classic savory options or have an adventurous sweet tooth, Rodeo Houston is the place for food. Next time you go to the Rodeo, make sure to arrive hungry!