We all wish that we had a Central Perk in our lives, but I’m pretty sure we don’t live the way Monica Geller does. So, here is a list of coffee shops that can become your new study spots, go-to places for caffeine, or just places to hang out.

1. La Colombe Coffee Roasters

Coffee shops

Photo courtesy of Reema Desai

This spot is a little hidden from the other well known coffee shops in D.C. but it is worth the visit. There is no wifi, so maybe not the best study space, but the coffee is the real reason to visit this place. Grab a friend and enjoy some great coffee at the best time of day to get a caffeine buzz, while enjoying the beautiful and hip interior of La Colombe.

2. Tryst

Coffee shops

Photo courtesy of ispythingsdc.com

We have all heard of Tryst, right? A cozy atmosphere with oversized couches and mismatched tables and chairs make up the well-known coffee shop in Adams Morgan. A great spot to go with friends and grab lunch, plenty of space and free wifi for a study session, and even a great bar on the weekends.

3. Flying Fish Coffee & Tea

Coffee shops

Photo courtesy of flyingfishcoffeedc.com

This place is considered to be a neighborhood gem in Mount Pleasant. The owners really appreciate the art of making coffee, and most of their treats are homemade. There is no wifi on the weekends and the space is a little small, but this is a great place to work during the week or to just pick up a piping hot cup of coffee.

4. Peregrine Espresso

Coffee shops

Photo courtesy of parklifedc.com

Located right by Eastern Market, this spot is small on the inside but has a great terrace that looks out on the bustle of the neighborhood. There is no food menu, so this could be the perfect stop for delicious coffee before your brunch plans or afternoon stroll through the market.

5. The Coffee Bar

Coffee shops

Photo courtesy of Vicky Gu

Located in the historic U Street and Logan Circle area, The Coffee Bar serves up great coffee in an inviting atmosphere. They have locally-made pastries, lavender-based drinks and friendly staff. This place checks the usual boxes, with its free wifi and plenty of indoor and outdoor seating. Take advantage of this awesome spot, especially since science proves you should be studying at a coffee shop instead of the library.

6. Little Red Fox

Coffee shops

Photo courtesy of urbandaddy.com

Little Red Fox is a butcher/bakery/beer shop/coffee shop. I know right? All these amazing things in this one-stop-shop! While getting your morning coffee you can browse through the varied selection of food, and maybe pick up something for dinner or lunch. This spot doesn’t have much of a sit down area, so this would be your perfect ‘to go’ coffee place.

7. Kafe Bohem

Coffee shops

Photo courtesy of washingtonian.com

Kafe Bohem is a space cozy enough for you to read a book or skim a newspaper accompanied by a coffee. Whether you are simply there for coffee or want to grab lunch, Kafe Bohem has a great menu that offers fresh pastries and sandwiches to curb the hangry.

8. Chinatown Coffee Co.

Coffee shops

Photo courtesy of vicksquisite.com

The Washington Post, Washingtonian, and the DCist have already ranked Chinatown Coffee as one of the best coffee shops in D.C., so it’s a no-brainer to add it to this list. The coffee is a little pricey, but that’s due to the high quality and the variety. There is free wifi but no food menu, so make sure to get some calories in you with these great study snacks before hitting up this place if you’re hungry.

9. Songbyrd

Coffee shops

Photo courtesy of songbyrddc.com

Songbyrd is a record store, espresso bar, and concert venue all under one roof. Music and coffee lovers alike will appreciate what Songbyrd has to offer. There is free wifi, a menu of small eats, and a selection of coffee to help you power through some work or fuel your music browsing.

10. The Wydown

Coffee shops

Photo courtesy of popville.com

Located in one of my favorite neighborhoods, U Street NW, The Wydown is known for its quality coffee and baked goods. There is no wifi, so those who are addicted to Facebook and Instagram might want to find another spot. This is a great place to sit down and have a nice coffee, internet-free, while enjoying the vibrant surrounding neighborhood. Since this place takes their caffeine seriously, make sure to brush up on your coffee jargon so you sound like you kinda know what you are ordering.