In case you haven't been to the recently upgraded Erb Memorial Union in the past few months (and if you haven’t you must be living under a rock), the EMU has gone through a major improvement, and the transformation is absolutely bonkers. Falling Sky Brewery, Red Wagon Creamery and even Townshend's Tea Company all make an appearance in the recently refurbished union. But tucked away into the corner is one of the most exciting things to be introduced. The EMU Fresh Corner Market. So what makes this little market so great? Well let me tell you, you can get literally anything you could ever think of and want from a market on campus, and I've composed a list of the ten best things you can find.

1. Stumptown Coldbrew Coffee 

Caffeine lovers unite! If you haven't tried this cold brew coffee from Stumptown, drop your Starbucks immediately and pick one up from the market. You will not be disappointed, I promise. It's even packaged in a cool, little old-school milk container, can you say retro?

sweet, chocolate, milk, coffee
Jeffrey Ho

2. Honey Mama's Chocolate Bars 

Move over Hershey's, there's a new chocolate in town. Ever wanted to try chocolate that has coconut, lavender, and rose petals?! If you're an adventurous chocolate eater now you can. And for those too scared to step outside of the plain chocolate box, don't worry, there are less extravagant flavors as well at the EMU Fresh Corner Market, like the classic milk chocolate and dark chocolate bar.

Jeffrey Ho

3. Organic Valley Feta Cheese 

Yes, you heard that right. You can now pick up a block of feta cheese at the market. Whether you've got some greek in your blood or you just love the taste of feta cheese, you no longer have to travel to an off-campus grocery store to purchase this deliciousness.

4. Brianna's Home Style Dressings 

From Ginger Mandarin to Rich Poppy Seed, Caesar to Blue Cheese, there is an abundance of flavors lining the walls of the market, and definitely a salad dressing for every type of salad eater.

liquor, wine, alcohol, beer
Jeffrey Ho

5. Radical Wraps 

For all you healthy eaters out there, here is the snack for you that you cannot turn down. These wraps are not only yummy but are 100 percent organic, raw, gluten free and Non-GMO. They are even paleo! I would recommend the Cilantro Pesto or the classic Falafel Wrap.

green tea, vegetable, herb, tea
Jeffrey Ho

6. By the Bulk

Your dreams have been answered! The EMU Fresh Corner Market has its own bulk food machine, filled to the brim with jelly beans, chocolate malt balls, trail mix and even salt water taffy!

7. My Gourmet Tuna 

Ditch your dinky, stinky Starkist Tuna kit and reach for one of these instead! You've never had a packaged tuna snack like this. With flavors like Rosemary & Sun Dried Tomato and Celery & Relish, these tuna snacks will rock your world. Well, as much as a tuna snack possibly could.

sweet, vegetable, corn
Jeffrey Ho

8. Wildbrine 

Now I'm not really one for eating Sour Kraut on the daily, or even Kimchi for that matter, but if you are then you are in luck! The market is stocked with different products from Wildbrine including Korean Kimchi, Raw Organic Kraut, Madras Curry & Cauliflower and even Red Beet & Red Cabbage! 

Jeffrey Ho

9. Hummingbird Wholesale 

Oh honey! You can now easily get fresh and creamy Clover Honey right at the EMU. Not only is it pure, raw and unfiltered, but is even made here locally in Eugene! So whether you need a spoonful for your tree, or wanna make a bomb banana peanut butter and honey sandwich, make sure to pick up a jar of this delectable honey. 

Jeffrey Ho

10. Alive & Radiant Kale Krunch 

If you're like me and kale isn't normally your go-to snack, just wait until you try this product from Alive & Radiant. With flavors like Sriracha Lime, Quite Cheezy and even Ranch, you would never know that you're actually eating a dried, leafy piece of superfood. Make sure to pick up a bag next time you're at the EMU.

coffee, kale, green tea, tea
Jeffrey Ho

Now there are tons more delicious products you can try at the market, so I suggest skipping the long line at Chipotle or Panda and heading downstairs to the Fresh Corner Market.