As the juice cleanse is fading away Veganism is slowly emerging. This new and healthy (somewhat) trend is taking New Yorkers by storm. Of course, the food community too is playing an integral role in this upcoming fad by opening a large number of delectable vegan restaurants in NYC. So, whether you want to convert to veganism, give a new place a try or treat-yo-self to an unforgettable meal, you should give one of the best vegan restaurants in NYC a shot.   

1. by CHLOE

The air-baked fries, guac burger, pesto meatball and of course the chipotle aioli all come together to make a vegan's fast food dream come true. By CHLOE is truly, a gem for both vegans and vegetarians alike with a large array of satisfying sweet and savory options to choose from, earning a place among the best vegan restaurants in NYC.

2. Candle 79

Organic and Vegan food you say? Could  Candle 79 really get any better? Yes, it can. Because of its culmination of multiple cuisines, this place is showcasing the ability to make food across the globe Vegan. Angel Nacho's, spaghetti and wheatballs and spring vegetable paella, they literally have it all. 

3. Beyond Sushi 

Beyond Sushi uses unusual pairings of grains with fruits and vegetables to create Asian vegan dishes. With catchy dish names, nutritious sushi and flavorful wraps beyond sushi is taking vegan food beyond its typical realm. 

4. Blossom 

Blossom has two locations in New York City. The food is prepared using the freshest and finest ingredients. But the quality of the dishes, the unique cooking techniques and the mouth-watering taste of each bite are what make Blossom bloom in NYC. 

5. Avant Garden 

Avant Garden will take your Instagram game to a whole new level. Not only will you remember the breathtaking presentation of each dish, but also the how well the food is manipulated so that it's nearly impossible to distinguish it from non-vegan items. So, while eating it you will always wonder how it isn't really chicken.

6. Peacefood Cafe

Peacefood Cafe is a vegan kitchen and bakery. The vegan desserts at Peacfeood prepared by pastry Chef Kristin Kolnacki are truly a delicacy. They range from cashew cream cheesecake, to mini brownies to strawberry shortcake. 

7. Franchia Vegan Cafe 

Franchia Vegan Cafe is the sister restaurant of the infamous vegetarian place Hangawi.  Franchia serves creative Asian fusion food such as soy 'chicken' salad and spicy vegan 'crab' cakes in a traditional teahouse setting. The decor and rich flavors make it one of the best vegan restaurants in NYC. 

8. Blossom Du Jour 

Blossom Du Jour is a healthy vegan restaurant that has quick bites that are perfect on the go. The menu includes make your own bowls, smoothies and shakes and vegan burgers nobody can beet

9. Cinnamon Snail 

Though the Cinnamon Snail isn't really a restaurant, but a food truck that is always on the go, it had to be part of the list. The dope donuts, the variety of sandwiches and rich burgers are just one better than the other. 

10. Lu'Anne's Wild Ginger

 Lu'Anne's Wild Ginger is an all Asian vegan restaurant. Not only will this place satisfy your Asian food craving with a creamy Malaysian Curry Stew or an eclectic Wild Ginger Macro bowl, but it will also make you feel kinda healthy. Cause it is vegan food after all. 

So, the next time on meatless Monday you're in the mood for something green or a lavish healthy meal, maybe check out some of the best vegan restaurants in NYC.