Northampton is packed with top notch restaurants that cater to the needs of vegetarians and vegans throughout the Pioneer Valley! Almost every eatery in the area has some vegetarian or vegan options, but here are the best of the best within walking distance for Smith students. Not every establishment on this list qualifies as a completely vegan or vegetarian restaurant, but they all have top notch options for us plant-based folks. 

1. Belly Of The Beast

Vegan breakfast options can be hard to find in a town that is so supportive of local dairy and eggs, but BOTB nails it every time! Their sweet porridge (obviously not pictured below) is so good that all of my non-veggie friends look a little jealous when they don't order it. 

2. Pita Pockets

Best. Falafal. Ever. And it's vegan! This place is a neighborhood favorite, so it gets pretty busy. Don't worry, if you run into a wait! It is totally worth it. Whether you're vegan or vegetarian or neither, you're going to love this place. Also, if you become a regular you might start to get some complimentary baklava! If you ever find yourself wandering around Amherst you can make sure to check out their other location.

3. Haymarket Cafe

Haymarket rocks on multiple levels (literally). Their coffee shop (on the ground-level floor) is the closest to heaven a vegan with a sweet tooth can get. Once you have grabbed your favorite tea/ coffee/ smoothie you can head downstairs and get a full meal from their all vegetarian menu! Also, Haymarket runs on a strong belief that their employees shouldn't have to depend on tips to earn a livable wage, so gratuity is already factored into all of their prices!

4. Bombay Royal

As much as we might love food from the dining hall, it's not hard to admit that sometimes all we want is some food that is appropriately seasoned. Bombay Royal will satisfy your craving for spice while fitting a student budget unlike most restaurants of its caliber. They're menu has tons of (well labeled) options for anyone who is vegan or vegetarian, and they're all wonderful. 

5. The Green Bean

The Green Bean is yet another rare gem of wonderful vegan breakfast spots. They pride themselves on their local sourcing and transparency with their food's history in an effort to commit themselves to sustainability. So, you can give yourself a pat on the back for supporting local agriculture while munching on some amazing food!

6. Local Burger 

I understand that a burger place is probably not what was most expected to come from a list of the best vegetarian or vegan options in Northampton, but you have not had a proper veggie berger experience until you have had the Amherst Burger at Local. Sadly, this option is really only out there for the vegetarians in the room since the burger does have cheese on it. On top of their A+ burgers, Local also has tons of awesome vegetarian appetizers and sides that will satisfy any craving.    

7. Osaka

A sushi place? On a list of vegetarian restaurants? I know, I was shocked too, but they have tons of vegetarian or vegan sushi options (some rolls have mayonnaise) that are totally mind-blowing. 

8. Noodles

Have you ever gotten sick in college and all you wanted was a big bowl of soup? Well, I am glad to inform you that your search is over. Noodles has tons of veggie-based soups that will warm you up throughout this harsh winter. 

9. Nourish Wellness Cafe and Juice Bar

If you have been looking for your next favorite study spot and smoothie place then Nourish checks off all of your boxes. Wifi, smoothies, avocado toast, and tons of other vegan snack options all in one place? I know it sounds too good to be true, but it isn't!

10. Taipei & Tokyo 

What is the best thing about Taipei & Tokyo? They deliver! Just like Osaka (#7), they have tons of vegan or vegetarian sushi options in addition to tons of typical Chinese dishes done ~veggie style~. You can get anything from sweet potato stuffed sushi to a colorful serving of stir fried veggies brought directly to your door.