Whether you eat meat or not, you can enjoy eating delicious plant-based dishes in Guelph! There are only a few solely vegan or vegetarian restaurants in Guelph, so this list also includes locations with omnivorous menus that al offer great vegan and vegetarian choices. In no particular order, here are the 10 best vegan and vegetarian restaurants in Guelph:

1. Boon Burger

Boon Burger is a healthier, 100% plant-based take on fast food. Fun fact - "boon' means bean in Africaans, so I'm sure you can guess what one of the main ingredients in the burgers is!

Location: 23 Quebec St.

Menu: the entirely vegan menu features a wide selection of burgers (made from scratch), poutine, pizza, salads, soft serve, and more! 

2. Cadence

Cadence is an all-vegan cafe located downtown, complete with healthy and comforting dishes.

Location: 88 Yarmouth Street

Menu: Cadence's menu includes all day breakfast, sandwiches, wraps, burgers, pasta, salads, and desserts (like donuts!). Of course, there's also a variety of beverages, including beers and wines.

3. The Cornerstone

The Cornerstone is a vegetarian restaurant, bar, and coffee shop, making it a great place to dine, hang out with friends, and listen to live music.

Location: 1 Wyndham St W

Menu: Veggie burgers, pizza, chilli, sandwiches, wraps, salads, soups are among the menu options. If you're a morning person, they also have a breakfast menu. There are also a variety of drinks and beverages available.

4. Zen Gardens

This vegetarian Chinese restaurant offers an abundance of both vegan and vegetarian options.

Location: 104 Surrey St. E

Menu: Zen Garden's menu offers a wide variety of Chinese items including spring rolls, soups, noodles, dim sum, dumplings, and sushi. They have numerous meat substitutes such as soy nuggets and drumsticks, barbeque seitan, veggie shrimp, veggie fish, veggie chicken, and tofu.

5. Sip Club

Sip Club has an omnivorous menu, but there is a fantastic selection of vegetarian and vegan options!

Location: 91 Wyndham St. N

Menu: Some of the vegan/vegetarian features include nachos, spring rolls, flatbread, veggie burgers, pasta, seitan wings, fries, tacos (both jackfruit and seitan), and a barbeque jackfruit sandwich. 

6. Freshii

Although Freshii is a chain restaurant (which does serve meat), it's still a great place to eat vegan or vegetarian in Guelph, especially since there are three locations! The bright atmosphere is also quite popular for taking photos.

Location: 89 Gordon St, 84 Clair Rd E, 221 Woodlawn Rd W

Menu: The menu features a variety of wraps, salads, bowls, burritos, soups, and even soft serve and smoothies. The build-your-own meal option lets you customize your own creations! They also have a breakfast menu with an assortment of choices.

7. Lucky Belly

Lucky Belly is focused on serving fresh, nutritious food, so there are a number of vegan and vegetarian options. They also offer catering!

Location: 763 Woolwich St

Menu: Healthy boxes, sliders (black bean and quinoa, falafel), different types of fries (zucchini, beet, and classic), sides (such as dips and roasted vegetables), soups, and desserts (including a vegan sorbet). 

8. Cultures

Cultures is located in Stone Road Mall, and has an omnivorous menu, but it still offers many awesome vegan and vegetarian options.

Location: 435 Stone Rd W (Stone Road Mall)

Menu: A variety of bowls, salads, wraps, sandwiches, smoothies, and more!

9. Diwa Classic Indian Restaurant

This Indian restaurant has meat on the menu, but is also very accommodating to vegetarians and vegans (check out the vegan specials section on the menu!). 

Location: 336 Speedvale Ave

Menu: The menu features the vegan specials section, as well as rice, naan and roti, vegetable specialties, soups, salads, vegetable biryani, and more!

10. Crafty Ramen

Crafty Ramen, as the name suggests, specializes in ramen. There is meat on the menu but that doesn't mean you can't eat vegan or vegetarian here!

Location: 17 Macdonell St

Menu: The menu offers seven different ramen bowls that are either vegan or can be made to be vegan/vegetarian. There are also snacks such as salt & vinegar edamame and charred shishito pepper.

Whether you eat plant-based or are just looking for a little less meat in your life, be sure to check out these restaurants! This isn't an extensive list either, there are many more great places in Guelph to enjoy delicious vegan and vegetarian food that are worth visiting!