Cooking an extravagant Thanksgiving dinner is hard and it pretty much takes a full day (although check out this article to try and make it in three hours). Sometimes it's more worth it to just go to a restaurant where you know you can get a delicious, fully prepared meal.

In Manhattan, many restaurants are open and offer prix-fixe meals, with prices ranging from $50 a person to at least $200 dollars, and some a la carte options. Keep reading to see where you can get the best Thanksgiving dinner that'll keep you full for days. Make sure to make your reservation soon so you don't miss out. 

Friend of a Farmer ($55) 

Friend of a Farmer is a farm to table restaurant in Gramercy Park. For Thanksgiving, you can pair homemade corn bread with apple butter, squash soup (because orange soups are always good), and one of their multiple deep dish pies. See the full menu here.

Cassette ($55)

Another farm to table restaurant, Cassette in Brooklyn serves a full, three-course meal that includes options such as mac 'n cheese, heritage turkey, and sweet potato pie with roasted marshmallows. Check out all the options here.

Cornelia Street Cafe ($65)

Cornelia Street Cafe in Greenwich Village has the perfect comforting vibe with brick walls and candlelit, white tablecloth clad tables. For Thanksgiving, find yourself choosing from entrees such as butternut squash lasagna or classic turkey with mashed potatoes and stuffing. You can finish off the meal with a bourbon and chocolate pecan tart. Find the full menu here.  

Glasserie ($65)

Glasserie in Greenpoint is a Mediterranean restaurant in Brooklyn. Their Thanksgiving menu is a Mediterranean twist on Thanksgiving where you can eat crispy or grilled turkey, an autumn-style mezze plate, poppy seed challah, and ricotta desserts. They haven't released their full menu yet, but it's clear it'll be good.

The Smith ($65)

The Smith serves classic, All-American food. For Thanksgiving, their menu includes appetizers such as ricotta gnocchi and burrata, entree options like turkey pot pie and braised short ribs, and desserts such as s'mores in a jar (a dessert The Smith is known for) and pumpkin tart.

Plus, the prix fixe menu includes fixings for the table that include corn bread, stuffing, and more. See the full menu (and the extra sides you can order) here.

Bar Boulud ($70)

Bar Boulud is one of the many restaurants in French chef Daniel Boulud's empire of restaurants. This Thanksgiving menu is a fancier take on the classic Thanksgiving dishes and flavors. Appetizers include a savory crepe with smoked salmon, entrees such as duck breast or wild mushroom pasta, and spiced pumpkin and more for dessert. Plus, you can order sides of stuffing, french fries, gratin, and more if you're still hungry. You can see the full menu here.

Bubby's ($75... Kinda)

Bubby's is one of the best brunch/American-style dinner places in the city and their Thanksgiving menu will not disappoint. It's "pay what you wish," although they recommend $75 dollars per person (a portion of proceeds go to charity.)

It includes all the classics, buffet-style: biscuits, turkey and gravy, glazed ham, green bean casserole, and cranberry sauce. And save room for their infamous homemade pies, where the options range from pecan maple to sour cherry. Although the full menu hasn't been released, you can check out their normal menu here.

Candle 79 ($84)

Candle 79 is proof that you can be vegan and still have a bomb Thanksgiving dinner. And even if you're not vegan, it's worth checking out. Their Thanksgiving menu consists of a four-course meal.

Appetizer options include spinach ravioli and grilled artichoke, soup and salad choices like honey nut squash and quinoa salad, butternut squash gnocchi and sage cranberry tofu entrees, and apple pie and chocolate cake desserts. And it's all vegan. For the full menu, click here

The Dutch ($115)

Although the prix fixe menu at The Dutch is a little bit higher, it's family-style which means avoiding the hard decision of which entree to get. Although you have to choose one appetizer (with options such as pumpkin ravioli and lobster chowder) and one dessert (with devil's food cake and different flavored pies as choices), you get to try all the entrees and sides off the menu. See the full list here.

Westville (a la carte)

Westville serves affordable but hearty, flavorful, and delicious food for all meals of the day. For Thanksgiving, you can order off the menu as you wish. Options include almond pumpkin soup as a starter, a classic turkey plate, vegan seitan plate, or veggie market plate as an entree, and sides such as roasted root vegetables and kale polenta. Finish off the night with a choice of homemade pies and tarts. See here for the full menu.