New Delhi, the capital of India is slowly becoming a popular tourist destination. People across the world come to see its rustic monuments such as the Qutub Minar and India Gate. They come to witness its rich culture and heritage through Humayun's Tomb and Lotus Temple and get an essence of the hustle-bustle of street life and food via Chandini Chowk (old market). But what most people miss out on is eating their way through New Delhi like a bourgeois. A bourgeois is a rich materialistic middle class person.  Basically, someone who splurges on their meals. Sounds fun. huh? So, here are 10 of the most luxurious restaurants you can visit to eat your way through New Delhi in simply 5 days.

1. Bukhara 

Bukhara is the ideal place to begin your food journey in New Delhi. From the aromatic flavors of its Dal Bukhara (black lentil curry) to the spiciness of its seekh kebabs (tender lamb) and warmth of Bukhara's tandoori panner tikka (cottage cheese) this place cannot be missed by visitors. It gives tourists an authentic experience of eating in style and comfort paired with the deliciousness of food straight from the tandoor (clay oven).

2. Indian Accent 

 Chef Manish Mehotra calls the dishes at Indian Accent "Inventive India" as he uses traditional Indian ingredients with a global twist. He has created an eclectic menu that ranges from burrata papdi chaat (crispy street food) to pulled pork phulka (flatbread) taco's. Thus, dining their makes you feel like a bourgeois in the midst of New Delhi. Indian Accent is also part of the list of the 50 best restaurants in the world in 2017. It only offers two seatings during dinner (7 pm and 9:45 pm) and a second location recently opened in New York

3. Orient Express 

The restaurant is literally set inside a train embodying the original Orient Express that initially, ran from Paris to Giurgiu in Romania on 4th October 1883. Over time the routes of the Orient Express have changed and so, has the restaurants menu as it has incorporated new cuisines and techniques based on the path of the train. Orient Express, transports you back to a timeless journey on a train with a romantic setting, unique gastronomic creations and bourgeois vibe hence, throwing you back into a different era altogether. 

4. Megu 

Megu is one of the finest Japanese restaurants in New Delhi.  It is tucked away inside the Leela Palace Hotel  and has a large array of Japanese items such as artful sushi, its signature Megu oriental salad and a highly recommended salmon tartare that are all served in a dramatic picturesque setting. 

5. Le Cirque 

Le Cirque is a culmination of French and Italian cuisine under the helm of Chef Diego Martinelli. The chef creates masterpieces that appear to be collision of the world of art with food and a touch of gastronomy. Hence, making dishes such as the truffle fettuccini that is drool worthy, the crème brûlée that is Instagram worthy and the lobster ravioli that is rave worthy. Thus, making this meal an affair to remember. 

6. Wasabi by Morimoto

Wasabi by Morimoto is a modern luxurious Japanese restaurant found in Taj Mahal Hotel. It is under the wing of legendary Chef Masaharu Morimoto and consists of conventional old-time favorite Japanese dishes such as tempura, teriyaki and sushi  that are made using unconventional cooking methods and sauces.

7. Dum Pukht 

The Chef Gulam Qureshi himself comes from a royal lineage. Thus, Dum Pukht's menu comprises of food eaten by Indian royalty 200 years ago. The North Indian food is rich in flavor. and you will  feel a sense of comfort as you tuck into your meal. Also, take note of the regal charm of the place. 

8. San Gimignano

The romantic paradiso divino (Italian Terrace), the soulful Italian dishes, the Tuscan ambience and the premium selection of wine all make San Gimignano the perfect package for date night. 

9. Akira Back 

Akira Back, the universal authentic Japanese restaurant whose food is prepared with Korean accents opened a few years ago near the airport. So, whether you want it to be your first or last meal in Delhi that is completely up to you. In the rush of leaving or the excitement of arriving don't forget this place is must.

10. House of Ming

House of Ming has always been the locals pick for exquiste Chinese food. The restaurant mainly focuses on Cantonese and Scheuan dishes that are prepared masterfully by Chef Zhou Jian. 

Though this list might leave your pockets a little empty it is the quintessential way to not only beat the heat but also enjoy 10 delectable and lavish meals in Delhi.