If you're having a bad day, don't even think about curling up with that pint of ice cream. Ann Arbor is one of the best college towns in America for food, so there's no excuse to stay home in bed. We've all had our bad days, so if that's the case for you today, here's a list of the top ten places to eat your feelings in Ann Arbor.

1. Pizza House

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Annie Modale

Ahhh feta bread — because you've got to feel worse before you start to feel better, am I right? You might hate yourself for it, but it's definitely needed. No other pizza place has mastered the crust to cheese ratio quite like Pizza House. If you're looking for something different, Pizza House also has a great selection of late night specials. So, when your friends get sick of consoling you, don't worry — Pizza House delivers until 4 am.  

2. No Thai!

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This restaurant's massive plates of fast casual food are undoubtedly satisfying. Whether it's that failed econ midterm or a game day hangover, any University of Michigan student will tell you that No Thai! can fix anything.

3. Slurping Turtle

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Tomer Elkayana

Treat yourself and go for the sushi (because a lil' splurge never hurt nobody). Sushi is my go-to bad day food because I always feel better after devouring one (or two, or three) rolls. I know you might be skeptical because Michigan is nowhere near the ocean, but I promise that Slurping Turtle's sushi will amaze you. You'll be (spicy tuna deluxe) rollin' with the punches in no time.

4. Insomnia Cookies

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Jessica Kelly

After all of the carbs you've eaten today, you must top it off with even more carbs. Who doesn't love Insomnia Cookies? These cookies will melt in your mouth and warm your heart. Order a dozen, and lure your friends back to your place with cookies. Now, they can help you wallow in self-pity. Plus, if they don't come, you have an excuse to eat the whole dozen by yourself. 

5. Frita Batidos

chicken, meat, fish, sandwich
Brooke Gabriel
At Frita Batidos, they serve burgers and tropical milkshakes that are truly the bomb-dot-com. If you're feeling a little crazy, choose to 'make it loco' and get a burger loaded with muenster cheese, shoestring fries, a sunny side up egg, cilantro-lime salsa, tropical slaw, and avocado spread. Nothing will satisfy you more than eating a burger that's bigger than your head.  

6. Amer's Deli

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Whenever those feels hit, head to Amer's. Amer's is so much more than a deli and serves breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert. For the days when you're really down, Amer's is also great for eating alone. Famous for their insta-worthy açaí bowls, crepes, fro-yo, and, of course, sandwiches, you really can't go wrong at this Ann Arbor staple.   

7. Zingerman's Deli

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Zoe Zaiss

If nothing else makes you feel better, the best sandwich in Michigan will. Zingerman's fresh ingredients will fuel that crying session I know you're going to have later. Everyone raves about Zingerman's (and with good reason). Plus, if your day is so awful that you really can't get out of bed, they deliver.

8. Sava's

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Annie Modale
Although it's more upscale than the other food venues on this list, Sava's never disappoints. Don't know what you're in the mood for? Anything you could want is at Sava's. I know you might think your mom's mac and cheese is the only thing that could cheer you up today, but I promise Sava's mac is so much better (sorry, mom). 

9. Isalita

Brooke Gabriel

Honestly there is no better way to eat and drink your feelings than with nachos and margaritas. That's why Isalita's happy hour is happiness. Carbs and cheese are always a winning combination,  but these nachos take it to the next level by adding jalapeños and skirt steak. At Isalita, whatever's been getting you down is nacho problem anymore (sorry about it). 

10. Blank State Creamery

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Zoe Zaiss

If you're still thinking about that pint of ice cream, you should go to Blank State Creamery. Blank State features fresh ingredients, crazy unique flavors, and warm waffle cones. Bye, processed pint.

A great bite to eat undoubtedly makes a bad day instantly better, so you won't regret getting out of bed and treating yo self at any of these Ann Arbor eateries. Lucky for you, sad Wolverine, there is no shortage of options.