Whether it's pulling an all-nighter for an exam, a longer-than-expected club meeting, or just a long day at work, sometimes you can't fit dinner into the day's equation, therefore forcing you to eat at a later time than usual. Or, it could be spending a night out with friends when that midnight hunger strikes. Whatever it may be, late night dining in Gainesville can be a struggle when most places close before 10:00 PM. 

However, there are great places to eat that are open later in the evening. So instead of taking a shot in the dark - no pun intended - when looking for a place to eat late at night, check out these ten below. 

1. Hurricane BTW

Hurricane BTW is fairly new and has opened up shop behind the Taco Bell on University Road (R.I.P. Dough Religion). They serve a simple menu of burgers, wings, and fries - but these certainly don't skimp out on any flavor. BTW is also known for their custom shakes, expansive sauce bar, and open outdoor seating. 

Hurricane BTW is open until 12:00 AM Sunday to Thursday and 3:00 AM Friday to Saturday. 

2. Dragonfly Sushi & Sake Company

Dragonfly Sushi & Sake Company serves Japanese cuisine tapas-style as well as an assortment of sake. The restaurant's sophisticated and contemporary vibe has made it known for being the perfect spot for celebrations or date night. 

Dragonfly Sushi & Sake Company is open until 10:00 PM Sunday to Thursday, however, they are open until 11:00 PM Friday to Saturday. 

3. BJ's Restaurant & Brewhouse

Not sure what you're in the mood for? With over 120 menu items to choose from, BJ's has got you covered. The restaurant chain prides itself on casual dining, craft beers, and a comforting atmosphere. They are also home to the famous Pizookie - which is an amazing thing to celebrate with the evening after your exam. 

BJ's Restaurant & Brewhouse is open until 12:00 AM Sunday to Thursday and 1:00 AM Friday to Saturday. 

4. The Swamp Restaurant

You can find The Swamp Restaurant right across the street from campus on University Road. It's also one of the only full-service restaurants in the Midtown area, and it's a great spot to watch a Gator game while enjoying their signature sandwiches, burgers, salads, and tacos

The Swamp Restaurant is open until 2:00 AM Sunday through Saturday. 

5. Sonic Drive-In

Head on over to Sonic Drive-In for American classics like burgers and fries (and let's not forget their amazing Popcorn Chicken) from the comfort of your own car. Don't miss out on Sonic's rotating deals (such as Family Night) and text-message sign-up to save some extra cash on your next visit. 

Sonic Drive-In is open until 12:00 AM Sunday to Thursday and 2:00 AM Friday to Saturday. 

6. The Top

The Top has been well received by UF students and Gainesville residents alike, especially for their great vibes and signature burgers. Not to mention, they are also known for their delicious vegan/vegetarian options

The Top is closed on Mondays but is open until 2:00 AM all other days of the week. 

7. Miami Grill 

Any of us SoFlo Gators are probably well aware of the fast-food restaurant, Miami Grill (A.K.A Miami Subs). Maybe you were like me and didn't remember the main entrees but oddly just those spiced fries and tropical-looking soda cups?? Anyways... the bright pink and teal restaurant has set up shop under The Standard, so now you can have those nostalgic fries, a soft drink, AND Miami Grill's specialty sandwiches here in Gainesville.

Miami Grill is open until 1:00 AM Sunday to Tuesday and 3:00 AM Wednesday to Saturday. 

8. Larry's Giant Subs

As the name implies, Larry's Giant Subs serves, well, some pretty large sandwiches. But it's also not the only thing the chain is known for - Larry's is focused on serving subs that are fresh by using ingredients such as all-natural roast beef, injection-free USDA choice Black Angus, and antibiotic-free turkey and chicken breasts. 

Larry's Giant Subs is open until 3:00 AM Sunday through Saturday. 

9. Big Lou's Pizzeria

Big Lou's Pizzeria is the perfect spot to enjoy some "za" while Downtown. Pizza is typically served by the slice, which is great if multiple people in your party are feeling different toppings. Big Lou's is also known for their large yet flavorful calzones. 

Big Lou's Pizzeria is open until 10:00 PM Sunday to Thursday and 11:00 PM Friday to Saturday. 

10. Midnight Cookies

If you're more in the mood for something sweet, then order a dozen cookies from Midnight Cookies. You can either pick them up from their physical store or have them delivered to your current location. Some of their signature cookies include S'mores, Cookies n' Cream, The Midnight Cookie, and Banana Foster

#SpoonTip: Check this semester's Gator Greenbacks - there is usually a coupon offering 10 cookies for $11.99 or 15 cookies for $16.99. 

Midnight Cookies is open until 1:00 AM Sunday to Monday, 1:30 AM Tuesday to Thursday, and 2:00 AM Friday to Saturday. 


The next time you find yourself craving some late night food, and the typical 24-hour fast-food options are not gonna cut it, don't fret! Head to one of these restaurants for a yummy meal that will help you end the day on a satisfying note.