As it finally starts to cool down, this season is the perfect time to visit all the coolest coffee shops and warm up with a nice daily dose of caffeine. If you want to expand your horizon beyond Starbucks and get a change of scenery, these are the 10 most unique coffee shops in Texas that are sure to give you a one-of-a-kind experience. 

1. Houndstooth Coffee, Austin

Houndstooth Coffee is known by many Austinites for making some of the best coffee in the country. Founded by Sean Henry, a former local barista, each cup of brew is made from local beans and served to perfection. 

2. Double Trouble Caffeine and Cocktails, Houston

Double Trouble Caffeine and Cocktails is the best of both worlds. It serves hot coffee during the day and killer cocktails by night. Choose from a wide spectrum of drinks originating from anywhere in the world at Houston's trendiest coffee shop. 

3. Cultivar Coffee, Dallas

Cultivar Coffee gives you a coffee experience you're sure to remember. From rich, on-the-spot roasted beans to freshly baked macarons, each visit is sure to make your taste buds sing. 

4. Local Coffee, San Antonio

Local Coffee was founded in 2009 and its charming, small-town vibes have captured the hearts of locals ever since. With its powerhouse brewing and out-of-this-world lattes, it's no wonder San Antonio residents keep coming back for more.

5. Coffee Box, El Paso

Coffee Box is El Paso's trendiest downtown café shop. Whether you're craving a cinnamon roll, a dozen bagels (we've all been there), or just a cup of black coffee, they're the go-to shop for your sweet tooth. 

6. Wake the Dead Coffee House, San Marcos

Wake the Dead Coffeehouse is tempting enough to make the dead come to life. Its dozens of syrup flavors, endless coffee concoctions, and tasty food choices are a favorite amongst San Marcos folks. 

7. Sugar Bean Coffee and Cream, Galveston

Sugar Bean Coffee and Cream is a cute coffee hut in the west area of Galveston. From Swiss Mochas to fresh smoothies and local beer, this is the island's top spot to take your friends and experience the coastal waters.

8. Gruene Coffee Haus, New Braunfels 

Gruene Coffee Haus is a small, old school café located in the heart of New Braunfels. All coffee concoctions are roasted on location and baked goodies are always served hot and ready. You'll be hooked on their Cinnamon and Graham Cracker brews just in time for the holiday season. 

9. Dichotomy Coffee & Spirits, Waco

Dichotomy Coffee & Spirits caters to every customer who walks through their doors in the quiet city of Waco. From quick espresso drinks to spiced spirit cocktails, this coffee shop is especially adored by its locals. Its cozy space offers the perfect twist between modern and vintage. 

10. Buon Giorno Coffee, Fort Worth

Buon Giorno Coffee is a quaint café in the city of Grapevine. Their authentic European coffee is the root of their success, providing customers with not only freshly roasted coffee but a connection to another culture as well. They foster an environment of creative thought where people can relax and get together with friends for as long as they like. 

No matter what city you're visiting in Texas, you're most likely to stumble upon a coffee shop with its own unique culture. Whether you're in Dallas, Austin, or Waco, each city, no matter how big or small, has its own unique signature café.