Whether you’re a one-time tourist or a local resident, the City of Brotherly Love has a lot to offer. Before deciding where to grab your grub, consider eating food related to Philly, whether it be cheese-steaks, crab fries, or soft pretzels. These ten Philly food spots are cherished by locals and tourists alike:

1. Reading Terminal Market:

The Reading Terminal Market is where everyone goes. My mom used to go there during her lunch break and pick up meals to bring home for dinner. It’s actually been around for over a century! There are over 100 merchants in the market, over half of which serve Philly food. If you’re ever in Old City, definitely eat at Reading Terminal, or at least do a walk-through.

2. Sweet Charlie's Rolled Ice Cream:

The first Sweet Charlie’s opened on Walnut Street back in 2015. The lines used to extend out the door and around the block, making the wait time unbearable. Luckily, Sweet Charlie's all across the country have opened due to high demand, so you can get your fix of rolled ice cream or fro-yo in the nick of time (and without driving all the way to PA).

3. Chickie's & Pete's:

No Philly sports game is complete without a bucket full of Chickie's and Pete’s famous crab fries with extra cheese sauce on the side. Just ask anyone who doesn’t love baseball why they went to the Phillies game, and they will say “I went for the crab fries.” You can find Chickie's and Pete’s in all three sports stadiums, in Xfinity Live!, around the city, and even in the airport.

4. Tony Luke's:

There has been much debate around which Philly cheese-steaks are the best. The main question is: Geno’s or Pat’s? Instead of having to decide between the two, just go to Tony Luke’s. They’re spread out over the city, but most people go to Oregon Ave. To order your Philly food like a local, say “wit” or “witout” onions, and make sure to get cheese whiz (it sounds gross, but it tastes good). Just remember - it’s cash only.

5. South Street:

When you’re not browsing Condom Kingdom or getting a tattoo, try eating at Lorenzo and Sons. They serve the biggest slice of pizza in Philly (I’ve had it, and it’s huge)! If you’re somehow still hungry for dessert, take a short walk over to Big Gay Ice Cream. I’d recommend the vanilla shake.

6. Hai Street Kitchen:

If you’re looking for something trendy, try a sushi burrito (aka sushiritto). Hai Street Kitchen is VSCO-famous for making some of the most aesthetically appealing rolls. Similar to a Chipotle, you choose your rice, protein, veggies, etc. My personal order: sticky white rice, salmon, edamame salsa, radish, carrots, and spicy mayo. Plus, it's never crowded!

7. Federal Donuts:

Located close to Hai St., Federal Donuts is not your typical doughnut shop. While they do serve donuts and coffee, their specialty is Korean-style fried chicken. Like chicken and waffles, chicken and donuts is the perfect combo of savory and sweet. If that sounds a little too daring for you, order some fries and a fountain drink. 

8. Rittenhouse Square:

If you're trendy, modern, and have a bigger budget, you'll love Rittenhouse Square. The square itself is a quaint place to relax after work or on the weekend. Some of the surrounding restaurants include Parc (Parisian), Rouge (new American), Devon (seafood), The Dandelion (gastro-pub), and Barclay Prime (steakhouse). Pro tip: take a date here, and you'll impress them.

9. Honeygrow:

Honeygrow is my own personal favorite restaurant, and it's a Philly original. Their specialties are stir-fry, salads, and yogurt parfaits. They also make their own pressed juices. A typical meal is around $10, which isn't too bad for being in a large city. My order goes as follows: egg noodles, chicken (or shrimp), broccoli, edamame, mushrooms, sesame seeds, and red coconut curry sauce.

10. Philly Pretzel Factory:

While Philly Pretzel Factory isn't the most glamorous Philly food spot, it is certainly a classic that many people overlook. Some of my fondest memories include eating a Philly Pretzel. If you're from the area, you've probably experienced Pretzel Factory catering at almost every event, from birthday parties to school dances. Sometimes all you need is a soft pretzel with spicy mustard, and when that craving hits, Philly Pretzel delivers.