We all love a good Pizza with its gooey cheesiness and our favourite toppings on it. It can be a difficult task to find a good Pizza place that has the right size, price and taste. So, we at Spoon University went around town to find you the best Pizza places and trust us, each one is worth trying. Now, presenting to you, in no particular order, ten of our favourite places to grab some amazing pizza in Delhi (No, Domino's & Pizza Hut didn't make it to our list). Let’s dig in!

1. The Big Chill Cafe

Big Chill is every Delhiite's all-time favourite place, and there's no denying that each dish has a flavour that can't be found anywhere else. The pizzas are no exception. With plenty of varieties on the menu, it caters to all preferences. The best part about their pizzas is the thin crust which is the perfect amount of, well, thin. And what better way to enjoy pizza than by being surrounded by a museum of film classics! 

2. AMA Cafe 

Nestled cosily in North Delhi's Majnu-ka-Tila, AMA Cafe is truly a gem of a place. It famously attracts a large number of visitors, mostly students, on a daily basis and seldom is AMA Cafe found empty. Apart from the lovely and inviting ambience adored by students, this place serves amazing food which reminds them of home. The menu is extensive, but the pizzas are what truly stand out. Loaded generously with cheese, they are baked to perfection, and will have you coming back for more. 

3. New York Slice

New York Slice has been around for as long as memory serves us, and was perhaps one of the first pizza joints to introduce the concept of gigantic single slice pizzas to us. The Margharita Pizza is one of the best-selling items on their menu. You can even grab a bag of cheesy fries to accompany your slice. This is the best place for a post-clubbing food binge session with friends. It's also easy on the pockets, which is a win-win situation for everyone. 

4. Pizza Express 

Pizza Express is a successful international name, and despite being only a few years old in Delhi, it has created the same name for itself here too. We are totally taken by the sheer size of their pizzas, which can comfortably feed a large group of hungry friends. It is one of the places serving authentic Italian pizzas. People love their Arrabbiata and Formaggi 65 Pizzas. Don't forget to order some dough balls as a side dish, because they're totally dope. 

5. Diggin 

Diggin scores high on their decor and fairy lights, but even higher on their food. Their pizzas are delicious and break the meter on the feel-good factor. Our favourite is the Porky Pizza, which is laden with pepperoni and melted cheese. The lamb lasagna makes for a great combo with this. To wash down the food, do order some Ginger Lime Mocktail. Behold, and you have a gorgeous meal before you! For a wholesome experience, we recommend visiting this place at night when it's at its prettiest.

6. Cafeteria & Co.

We've been drooling over everything on Cafeteria & Co.'s menu since we discovered this place, from their heavenly Caramel Nut Brownie Sundae to their Garlic bread Ricotta. But, the most talked about and loved dish on their menu is their 'Hexizza.' Yes, that's what their Pizzas are called because they are shaped as Hexagons (We're in love with the shape of you, tots). Made fresh with generous toppings & oodles of cheese, their Hexizzas are a must try!

7. Woodbox Cafe

Woodbox Cafe is our go to place when we can't decide, maybe it's the dim lights, the cutesy decor or the chill vibes of this place. Their menu has quite a variety and everything in it is pretty drool-worthy. We love their pizzas especially because of their crispy base and homemade feels. Go grab some along with one of their awesome shakes!

8. Fat Lulu's

Our list wouldn't have been complete without Fat Lulu's. Just looking at that perfectly round pizza makes you want to hog it without thinking twice. They have seven outlets in Delhi with the eighth one on its way. Their pizza has been the talk of the town several times, after all they let you choose from a number of sizes, bases and toppings for your perfect pizza.

9. Insta Pizza

We've all heard about the famous deep dish pizza by Insta Pizza, but that's not it. These people have a pizza for all kinds of occasion, may it be 'Netflix & Chill' or a sudden house party. You can choose to get a 7'' pizza or an XL Party Pizza (17'' x 12''). They make them all real nice and cheesy, and needless to say, fully loaded.

10. Imperfecto

Last but not the least, Imperfecto is where we go when our pockets aren't empty and we want to fulfill our Pizza cravings in the best way possible. Though it's slightly on the expensive side, every pizza from this place is bang for the buck. Bonus points to their quirky and vibrant decor and fun vibes.

So there you have it! This comprehensive list about finding your way around pizzas in the city is an important and life-saving one, so we recommend saving it. Which pizza are you having for dinner tonight?