Forget enjoying a break from school, tanning at the beach and late-night bonfires – the best part about summer for a foodie is obviously all the free time to explore amazing new restaurants.

Here in Chicago, summer 2016 is shaping up to be one of the strongest and most diverse seasons ever. These are the top ten reasons to branch out on a warm summer evening.

1. Cantina 1910

This farm-to-table spot boasts a modern and impressive Mexican inspired menu full of complex and unique takes on traditional Mexican cuisine. For a lighter meal in the morning, the restaurant works as a focused café offering pastries and sandwiches, while for dinner it becomes an intimate upscale hot spot. Also, the horchata is some of the best in the city.

Neighborhood: Andersonville

2. Wyler Road

LUNCH IS SERVED Kitchen open 11AM- 11PM

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Serving some of the most inventive and impressive sandwiches in the city, any sandwich lover will find something to love at Wyler Road. Even if sandwiches aren’t your thing (#nojudgment2k16), there are a ton of other great options like salads and insanely addictive cheese curds.

Neighborhood: Logan Square

3. Gus’s World Famous Fried Chicken

Started in Memphis, this fried chicken is the absolute best that money can buy. It’s slightly spicy, with a perfectly crispy crust and an insanely delicious savory flavor. Other than the chicken, the restaurant has an extensive list of sides that complement the chicken perfectly.

Neighborhood: West Loop

4. Aloha Pokê Company

Pokê bowls (pronounced “poh-kay”) are the Hawaiian version of sushi. Imagine all the tastiness of your favorite sushi roll mixed together in a bowl – plus, now no one can mock you for eating your sushi with a fork.

These exotic bowls are gorgeous, delicious and super Instagram friendly. You can’t really ask for much more.

Neighborhood: West Loop

5. Latinicity

Our #Shrimp salad, you know you want to try this out! #Chicago

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What Eataly is to Italian food, Latinicity is to Latin food. Acting as a massive food hall, it has something for everyone with 12 distinct vendors, plus a full restaurant and bar. From sandwiches to burgers to burritos to coffee, it’s one of the biggest and most exciting openings of this year.

Neighborhood: Loop

6. Johnny’s Grill

The best part of Sundays ☺️

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Imagine a diner. Modernize it a little bit. Make it ~fresh and fun~. And make the food absolutely delicious, with hip brunch staples infused with subtle diner influences. That is Johnny’s grill in a nutshell, with affordably-priced food that’ll undoubtedly be the best thing you eat all day. Also, giant homemade Pop Tarts.

Neighborhood: Logan Square

7. La Principal

Short rib #taco

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Upscale Mexican food has finally made its way to Evanston, with La Principal serving up a mix of modern and classic Mexican flavors spread across an extremely diverse and extensive menu. Serving tacos, tortas, as well as larger plates, there’s definitely something for everyone, even if you just want to overdose on guacamole.

Neighborhood: Evanston

8. Duck Duck Goat

Hand pulled noodles with Beijing style pork sauce! zha jiang mian #duckduckgoat test kitchen

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While Stephanie Izard has already completely captivated diners with Girl & The Goat and Little Goat, she continues to be one of the most dynamic restauranteurs in Chicago, introducing Duck Duck Goat, which opened in the winter of 2015. Expect a unique twist on Chinese cuisine, with lots of hand formed noodles and dumplings acting as the stars of the menu.

Neighborhood: West Loop

9. Baker Miller General

When Baker Miller opened in Lincoln Square last year, people were immediately drawn to the freshly baked breads and pastries, all created with hand milled flour that made for an unmatched quality. Now, the place has opened a second location, acting more as a store, selling fresh house-made food items. Baker Miller General also offers a hot food bar and sells breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Neighborhood: Ravenswood

10. Shophouse

Daylight spicy time, amiright? #ShopHouse

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If Chipotle controls your thoughts 90% of the time (don’t worry, I feel), Shophouse needs to be number one on your list. Founded by the owner of Chipotle, Shophouse takes the same awesome buffet style concept and applies it to an Asian inspired menu. Create awesome, flavorful rice or noodle bowls that are perfect for a quick and casual lunch or dinner.

Neighborhood: Loop