When landing in the UK to study abroad for a month, I started on a mission to find the best tea and scones I possibly could. After many afternoons sipping tea and chowing down on scones with jam and clotted cream, my wishes were granted when stumbling upon Waterloo Tea in Cardiff, Wales.


Photo by Hannah Giardina

Walking into Waterloo Tea, my friends and I felt at home. In addition to wooden tables, the cafe also had multiple couches and winged chairs that looked oh-so-comfy and were never empty for more than a couple of minutes. The wait staff was incredibly nice and even gave us directions on how to meander over to the Doctor Who exhibit once our tummies were filled with scones and tea.


Photo by Hannah Giardina

Enough about the ambiance, let’s eat. After debating for several minutes on what tea to order, I went with the Waterloo Breakfast and of course a scone with clotted cream and jam. In the UK, an early afternoon tea time is a way of life, where Brits enjoy a traditional pre-supper snack of tea and scones. Within minutes, my tea was steeping in front of me and my mouth was watering.


Photo by Hannah Giardina

To ensure you don’t over steep your tea, you are also given a sand tea timer that was flipped exactly when the tea leaves were set into the hot water. No one likes over steeped, bitter tea and as long as you pay attention to the color of sand that corresponds with your tea, it will be delicious.


Photo by Hannah Giardina

Only a few sips into enjoying my tea, the treats were served. The scones were crumbly, warm and not overly sweet. Cut apart and slathered with clotted cream and strawberry jam, I was ready to mute my grumbling tummy. With the first bite, I was overcome with a foodgasm of happiness. The buttery goodness mixed with the indulgent clotted cream and sweetness of the jam was like no other scone I have ever eaten. I could have easily eaten an entire platter of these scones and drank many pots of tea.


Photo by Hannah Giardina

Once my cutting board was empty with only crumbs left to remind me of the lovely treat I had just enjoyed, I bid goodbye to my new favorite tea cafe, hoping that one day I would again enjoy an afternoon filled with tea and scones. If you are ever in Cardiff, head to Waterloo Tea. You won’t be disappointed.


Location: Wyndham Arcade, Mill Lane, Cardiff, Whales CF10 1FH

Hours of Operation: 8am to 6pm every day