Now, I'm no stranger to tea. I sip it, spill it, and tell it all the time. However, unlike Kate Middleton or any other fashionable Brit, I've never been to an actual tea room. That needed to change.

So, I took matters into my own hands. With tea parlors popping up all over the country, I definitely had to see this English staple for myself. I tried NYC's quintessential tea shop, Tea and Sympathy, and I was not disappointed.

The Tea

tea, coffee
Beatrice Forman

Obviously this is the most important item on the menu. I ordered a cuppa classic English Breakfast, which was served in a matching tea set. It had the perfect amount of floral undertones and needed only a dash of sugar, unlike your average store-bought fare.

#SpoonTip: Can't make it to the city? You can order any of Tea and Sympathy's custom teas on their website and have them delivered to your house just in time for your next tea party.

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Beatrice Forman

It just so happened that I dined on National Treat Yo'self Day. I celebrated this national holiday in style and you can too with this double-decker tea tower.

Each tier is customizable, so fill it with all of your favorite delectables, including finger sammies, scones, and sticky toffee pudding. I recommend their egg salad sandwiches, which have perfect balance between creamy and crunchy. Plus, they're finger sandwiches! Eat ten. You deserve it.

The Food

Beatrice Forman

#SpoonTip: Can't decide what to order? Order everything you want and sample it all. If the food is as delicious as Tea and Sympathy's, this will be the best decision of your life.

I followed my own advice and also ordered a chicken pot pie and a roast beef lunch, which made for an absolutely fabulous time. 

Beatrice Forman

This isn't your run-of-the-mill, microwaveable pot pie dinner. This is its distinguished older brother, full of seasonal veggies and a whole lot of panache. Paired with buttery mashed potatoes and a side of colorful veggies, this is bound to become your go-to comfort food. 

soup, meat, vegetable, pork, chicken
Beatrice Forman

America has Sunday football. Britain has Sunday roasts. Every weekend, friends and family gather around a dinner table filled with roast beef, potatoes, and all the veggies. You can get in on this tradition too at Tea and Sympathy, where they serve generous portions of each.

The Atmosphere

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Beatrice Forman

Priding itself on authenticity, Tea and Sympathy gives you the full experience. It's small and eclectically decorated, with mismatched tea cups and floral prints covering nearly every surface.

#SpoonTip: Waiting for a reservation? Take a peek at their gift shop. Located next door and full of hard-to-find tea ware and miscellaneous gifts (like custom-made boxes of British snacks)—it's guaranteed to entertain.

Beatrice Forman

Whether you order a tea tower or a roast, or go alone or with friends, tea parlors are the perfect escape. After all, where else can you feel like a British socialite?