I’m all for those lip-smacking, delicious hole-in-the-walls that make you feel cooler than you are, but I’ll be the first to admit that sometimes I can be a restaurant diva. I want to sit at a table next to an open window. I want someone to ask me what I want to drink. I want appetizers. I want silverware that’s not made of plastic.

Allow me to introduce you to Tavern and Tap, people. Located in Downtown Lansing just a short walk from the capitol, you will find all of those things and more. Like fig and prosciutto sandwiches (you heard me right). And a killer tap list that will set fire to all your craft brewery dreams.

It’s a nice break from the monotonous Grand River chains, and the perfect place to bring the ‘rents when they come into town (and are picking up the check). Not a bad joint to take that PYT you’ve been eyeing for a date night. That whole “Come over and watch a movie” thing has been done. We all know the way to woman’s heart is through poutine fries and an avocado kale wrap.

tavern and tap

Photo courtesy of Kay M

It’s about time I mention what we all came here for. And that’s beer. Good beer. The kind of beer that induces a coma after that first sip.

You’ll find some craft beers from your favorite local destinations (Dark Horse Brewing, I adore you) and a few visitors as well (New Belgium Brewing, you beautiful bastards). Hit up this place during happy hour to quench your craft thirst. Chickity-check out some of the Thrillist’s favorite Michigan brews while you’re at it.

Tavern and Tap supports Michigan farmers and local goods to craft their beautiful dishes. You can find American pub grub like their burgers or go for the more artisanal dish with their root beer pork belly.

When you sit down you may be squeezed in between a state senator on his lunch break and an artist with a sleeve of tats. This juxtaposition of styles is the kind of atmosphere you’ll be submerged in as you dive into some fairly decent chicken and waffles.

This place gives off a very hip-yuppie vibe so wear your freshest pair of New Balances and get ready to discuss the Israeli-Palestinian conflict over $2 mimosas (Saturdays and Sundays only).

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