Step aside, classic New Haven brunch spots. Tarry Lodge—already a campus favorite for pasta and pizza—just launched their own weekend brunch. Open from 10:30 am to 2:30 pm on Saturdays and Sundays, they offer innovative twists on a variety of traditional brunch options. Plus, if that’s not enough to make you grab a friend for reservations, they also have bottomless cocktails. What better way to start your weekend than tasty food, unlimited drinks, and great company? 

Janie Wu


No brunch is complete without cocktails. Luckily, at Tarry Lodge, you can choose between three bottomless options:

Bloody Tarry

Vodka, tomato juice & seasoning

I’ll admit I was intimidated at first sight of this drink. With a celery stalk, wedge of lime, and bright red tomato juice, this eclectic combo blends surprisingly well. The citrus from the lime cuts the lightly-salty tomato. It’s an unexpectedly light and refreshing drink—the perfect pairing for sweeter brunch dishes.


Fresh squeezed orange juice & prosecco

The mimosa was the ideal drink for a morning brunch—just enough alcohol to taste behind the fresh orange juice flavor. Especially with the bolder flavors of the meal, we appreciated the light flavor and bright orange color.


Prosecco & peach puree

Our personal favorite, we ordered three refills during our meal. This delicate drink sources seasonal and local fruits (ours had fresh blueberries!). With rising bubbles and a champagne glass, it’s a cheerful, almost-playful cocktail.

Janie Wu

Eggs in Purgatory

Eggs poached in spicy tomatoes with guanciale & pecorino

This was a fun shareable dish. Dipping pieces of the crispy bread, you discover chunks of meat (the guanciale) beneath the eggs. Tarry Lodge created a much more flavorful dish than other variations of eggs shakshuka. By adding pieces of meat and cheese, there’s a pleasant variety of flavors other than tomato. 

Janie Wu

Cured Salmon

Goat cheese, arugula, capers, red onion & focaccia on toast points

A lighter brunch option, this disassembled presentation lets the simple ingredients shine. Once again, there’s great attention to detail: Each element brings a different flavor and texture to the dish—tender salmon, crisp red onions, fresh arugula.

Janie Wu

Ricotta & Fig Pizza

With local maple syrup & toasted hazelnuts

Tarry Lodge is a hidden gem among New Haven pizza titans (I’m personally a huge fan of their goat cheese pizza). This ricotta & fig option is like a cross-over between classic pizza and jam-covered toast. It’s a harmony of different flavors: the sweet, jam-like sauce and soft fig are balanced by melted cheese and crunchy nuts. We loved tasting this alongside the more conventional savory brunch dishes.

Janie Wu

Asparagus Milanese

Sunnyside egg, black truffle vinaigrette & shaved grana

Truffle is the star of the show for this dish. Despite the variety of ingredients—crisp asparagus, lightly-seasoned egg, shaved cheese—bits of fragrant truffle bring a strong, cohesive flavor to the rest of the plate. 

Janie Wu

Tagliatelle Bolognese

Craving the classic Tarry Lodge dishes? We don’t blame you! Fortunately, Tarry Lodge’s full food menu is offered during brunch. This bolognese was a highlight of our meal. There’s a distinct meaty flavor throughout, with beef crumbles in every bite. Attention to texture is obvious—the creamy meat sauce balances the thick, chewy noodles. It’s a well-balanced, filling option for any time of day.

Janie Wu

Black Fettucini

With shrimp, fennel, chili & chorizo

Local-made pasta. Salty bits of chorizo. Juicy shrimp. There’s a reason so many people rave about Tarry Lodge, and this pasta is it. The strong, savory noodles mix well with the variety of tastes and textures of other elements. With generous additions of shrimp and chorizo, each bite has a unique flavor. From now on, I’m making pasta a requirement for every brunch.

Janie Wu

Tarry Lodge’s new brunch is a must-try. Their space—umbrella-shaded tables on a quiet street—invites guests to relax, have long conversations, and appreciate a leisurely weekend morning. Plus, with dine-in only service, the brunch is designed to be shared and enjoyed with friends. It’s guaranteed to be a new weekend favorite.