Where I'm from

In LA, we don't have taquerias, we have taco trucks. Every neighborhood has one or a few, and everyone has their favorite that they swear is the best. Welcome to Santa Cruz, where there isn't a single food truck to be seen, and there's a taqueria on every corner (almost). Here's why Taqueria Los Pericos is the best Mexican food you'll have this far north of the border

Kenny Rapaport

Where We Are

Located at 139 Water St., right next to downtown Santa Cruz, Taqueria Los Pericos is one of the prime, late-night eateries for Banana Slugs and Locals alike. Open until 12am Monday through Saturday, you cannot get better food this late in Santa Cruz. Los Pericos is also open at 9am every day for breakfast, and we all know how much us Californians love a good breakfast burrito. Believe me when I say they really have it all here.
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Kenny Rapaport

Why We're Here

Taqueria Los Pericos is beloved by many for their authentic Mexican dishes. You won't find chicken fingers here. Everything is made to order and you can watch the chefs prepare everything right in front of you. Along with unbelievable flavor and quality in their food, Los Pericos has one of the largest menus in town. From burritos, tacos, and tostadas to quesadillas, nachos, and full plates, you're going to have a hard time deciding what to order. On top of that, they offer seven different types of meat as well as a vegetarian option. At this point you might as well ask someone else to order something for you because no matter what you order it will be amazing. Couple whatever you decide to order with hot and fresh tortilla chips and a whole cart of delicious salsas, there is absolutely no way you could leave Los Pericos unsatisfied.
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Kenny Rapaport

A Hidden Gem

I will admit I am biased towards this restaurant. My friends and I have been coming here almost weekly for the past two years and I've fallen in love with their food. Growing up in SoCal (not Soquel), you develop high standards for what you expect in terms of good Mexican food. Many a Los Angelino has come back from vacation with a horror story about the "Mexican" restaurant they were dragged to in Missouri. Los Pericos is by far, some of the best Mexican food I have ever had.

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Kenny Rapaport

A Humble Mission

The first time I ever went to Los Pericos was because someone handed my brother and I $10 and said "Order the Pericos Burrito, you can thank me later." After being baptized by salsa and carne asada, I've been eating at Los Pericos for over two years, and the least I could do is share this great food with anyone I can.