First off, a big thank you to Tapas In The City for inviting @spoon_loyola and @feedyoursoull to their event at Points South Latin kitchen. It was such a treat to experience these cultural foods only twenty minutes from campus. 

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Annalee Flaherty
Points South Latin Kitchen uses local grown ingredients, serves all gluten free meals, and provides a unique flavor to each dish. This Latin based restaurant is inspired by cuisine from Argentina, Brazil, Ecuador, El Salvador, Panama, and Colombia.

Course 1:

Octopus Ceviche Tostada paired with a glass of Red Sangria

If you like seafood with crunch and little bit of spice, this is the dish for you. The mixture of fresh ingredients and sauces within this dish makes for a great way to kick-off the meal.

Annalee Flaherty

Course 2:

Aji Panca Poached Head on Prawns and Purple Peruvian Potatoes paired with a glass of Tilia Torrontes 

This dish had flavorful grilled shrimp coated with a light savory sauce containing a hint of coconut. The sauce brought the meal together with each bite.

Annalee Flaherty

Course 3:

Duck Pazole with Wing Confit and Tamarind Glaze paired with a glass of Alamos Red Blend

A very sweet soup-like base infused with accents of cilantro, lime, and onion with a little crunch. It was accompanied by a grilled wing coated in a tangy sauce. Una mezcla of flavors felt like an authentic Latin American dish.

Annalee Flaherty

Course 4:

Chipotle Lime Barbecue Glazed Lamb Ribs with Pickled Papaya Salad and Garlic Chips paired with a glass of Callia Alta Malbec

Customers described this as tender and spicy with a hint of ginger from the side sauce. Each ingredient mixed to make a "worldly" mouthful.

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Annalee Flaherty


Fried Plantain Empañada with Caramel Sauce, Strawberries, Apple Compote, and Toasted Coconut paired with a glass of Lavender Royal

The mixture of strawberries, coconut ice cream, warm empañada, and hint of cinnamon created a melt in your mouth experience that left your tastebuds wanting more.

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Annalee Flaherty

After dinner, everyone socialized with nearby tables about their favorites of the night. I overheard comments varying from the unique ingredients paired to create the taste of the lamb sauce, to the flowery lavender smell of the champagne.

These dishes attract and keep customers because of their unique and fresh flavors and break from the traditional restaurant menu. Your first meal there introduces you to the small plates idea of tapas and demonstrates how spices can be used to enhance and develop better flavors in a meal. 

Bryson Keens, owner of South Points Kitchen was passionate about introducing these cultural foods to Baltimore complemented with the overall atmosphere, which not only brought the experience to life, but created a sense of adventure.

Tapas may not be familiar to everyone in the area, but Jordan and Rachel will soon change that. The two have truly embodied the tapas style of dining, allowing the customer to try various foods at affordable prices.