Incoming freshman won’t be the only addition to Florida State’s Campus this fall. Tally Mac Shack, a locally operated food truck and eatery, is moving into locations in Florida State's 1851 Dining Hall, as well as in Doak Campbell Stadium. Students, your study sessions and gamedays just got so much better. 

Who They Are

Since 2017, Tallahassee residents have flocked to Tally Mac Shack's location within Happy Motoring! in the South Monroe district, as well as their fantastic food truck at local events. They're four-time ‘Best Food Truck in Tallahassee’ fantastic. Now, students and families can order the creative takes on the classic mac and cheese dish right on Florida State’s campus. The new additions will feature menus tailored to specifically to students, and in two convenient locations.

Why They're Great

What sets Tally Mac Shack bowls apart from the traditional mac and cheese dishes is the variety of cheeses, meats, and sauces the team has curated into specialty dishes. Local favorites include the Snortin’ Norton, pictured below. The Snortin’ Norton is a heaping bowl of mac topped with 12-hour pulled pork, smothered in Vermont Cheddar and smoked Gouda, and finished with a sweet barbecue sauce. Another popular order is the comedically named Cluck Norris, which is chock-full of shredded buffalo chicken, blue cheese, gorgonzola, and mozzarella. Foodies around Tallahassee crave the savory and filling dishes, enjoying their creative twist on pasta. Tally Mac Shack also specializes in mac-topped hot dogs, dubbed ‘Dirty Dogs’, which are equally as mouth-watering.

How They Came to Be

Tally Mac Shack was founded by Justin Cruz, a graduate of Florida State. He wanted to serve up creative yet gourmet takes on the classic southern dish. The genesis of Tally Mac Shack was the well-known food caravan that Cruz built out of an old Frito Lay truck. He aims to serve unique, homemade dishes to his community through his multiple locations. Cruz said, “Everything we serve is made by hand and made a specific way for a specific reason,” he said. “Our customers appreciate diving into those flavors, and they're tasting everything we’ve put into it..."

Where You Can Feast

Tally Mac Shack will be located in the 1851 Dining Hall, on the first floor of the Azalea Dorm, at 824 West Jefferson Street. The Doak Campbell Stadium location will operate on the lower level of the West Stands. Their Happy Motoring! location can be found at 1215 South Adams Street. Keep an eye on their social media for their food truck locations.

Tally Mac Shack can be found on Instagram, @TallyMacFSU, and @TallyMacShack, on Twitter, @TallyMacShack, and on Facebook.