Being away from home and at college also means being away from your favorite restaurants. A good sushi restaurant is a much harder find than any other class of food. If you're a sushi-loving Blue Hen, you know you don't want to settle for the mediocre Trabant sushi. After trying a few sushi restaurants off-campus at the University of Delaware, I finally found the best yet: Takumi. It even blows Sushi Sumo out of the park! If you're up for a quick 30 minute road trip to Wilmington, Delaware, you'll experience this delightful restaurant with the freshest and most exceptional sushi and other kinds of Japanese and Chinese foods that I've experienced while attending UD thus far. 

The Menu

Melissa Pollack

Takumi's menu has a wide variety of options to choose from when ordering. Unlike most other sushi restaurants, when you order at Takumi the waiters give you a checklist of what you want. The menu's choices are basically never ending. This can make it hard for any one to make a quick decision on what to order. Below are a few of my favorites, some of which are classics to help.

What's Not to Miss

Melissa Pollack

I recommend the classic Miso soup and seaweed salad at Takumi, two of my favorite appetizers to start with. These delicious choices are a perfect portion size before taking on the main course.

Melissa Pollack

This is a favorite dish of mine. Since I am trying to carry out my healthy eating, I only got one of the specialty rolls that contains rice called the "Caterpillar." The Caterpillar is comprised of eel, crab stick rolled & topped with avocado and eel sauce. Yes, it is even more delicious than it looks and sounds. Next, I got a tuna hand roll and spicy mayo without the rice. As a matter of fact, the chef cut up the hand roll into individual six pieces of sushi! Amazing, I know. Last but definitely not least, is the salmon sashimi. I became a huge fan of sashimi a few years ago, especially the salmon. I add a little eel sauce and wasabi to bring out the taste of the salmon. The freshness of Takumi's fish is simply remarkable. 

Something for Everyone

Melissa Pollack

Not in the mood for sushi? Luckily, Takumi has a special section on their menu for meat combinations such as chicken, beef and lamb, seafood, pork, and more. This presentation is exquisite and almost too beautiful to eat, but of course I licked the plate clean. My stomach was for sure doing back flips. This entree is comprised of crispy stir fried tofu with veggies and hot & sweet sauce. You can substitute the tofu with any meat selection you're in the mood for. Some of the other similar dishes include the Hoisin chicken, chicken with hot pepper, and the sweet & sour chicken. 

Satisfy all the Cravings

The impeccable food matched with their decor and service have definitely exceeded my expectations. I thought I wouldn't be able to satisfy my sushi cravings with Delaware sushi until now. So don't give up, grab a few friends, and take a 30 minute road trip to your new favorite Japanese and Chinese restaurant: Takumi! 

#SpoonTip: In addition to the amazing sushi, Takumi is located in a spectacular area where you can find plenty of close dessert options. If you're not too full after your Takumi visit and in the mood for a sweet treat, I suggest you drive over to Sweet Lucy's, an old-fashioned ice cream store only making the best of the best. On top of their impressive ice cream, Sweet Lucy's has candy sold by the pound and even available for birthday parties and catering. As if you needed another reason to visit Takumi!