The daily crisis has begun, except now it’s not with your friends – it’s with your parents. Where should we eat? What type of food? Those are the constant questions we ask each other. Everything just sounds so good!

It’s hard picking a restaurant with the perfect setting, food, and overall ambience. You don’t want to bring them somewhere too loud or too isolated, but it’s also difficult because no one can decide on a restaurant. Hopefully this will make that a little easier when your parents are in the UCF area visiting.

1. Bar Louie


Photo courtesy of @barlouie on Instagram

Bar Louie is the perfect choice. The only problem you’ll run into is choosing something from their large array of options. The restaurant has a great variety of choices with a pleasant atmosphere, with their menu ranging from a healthy salad to a huge hamburger. For the college student on their typical “diet,” to the parents deciding between tater tots or fries, there is selection of several delicious meals.

2. Jimmy Hula’s


Photo courtesy of @jimmyhulas on Instagram

Looking for a restaurant with a different type of vibe? Jimmy Hula’s has a unique menu with a beachy atmosphere. You won’t find any plain tacos here – instead they offer dishes like spicy buffalo chicken tacos and luau tacos (which comes with teriyaki sauce, bless). They also serve unbelievable burgers such as the aloha burger, which features fresh pineapple, and the Hermosa Beach burger, served with a hefty scoop of guacamole.

3. Cooper’s Hawk


Photo courtesy of @chwinery on Instagram

Cooper’s Hawk a little more conservative than the other two restaurants – it’s a winery that serves delicious food. Not only can your mom order a delicious flatbread but she can also have a delicious glass of wine from the wine catalogue. They give you warm pretzel bread immediately after being seated, and if you’re lucky, they’ll give you more once you run out. But fear not, my gluten free friends: they also have a whole gluten free menu.

4. Marlow’s Tavern


Photo courtesy of @marlowstavern on Instagram

Marlow’s Tavern is another excellent place to take your parents on their weekend trip to UCF. The menu feels like it never ends because of the numerous food items and delicious dishes to choose from. This American Tavern has a modern atmosphere provides a calming setting, perfect for a break from our crazy college lives. We highly recommend the pita pizza, which is exactly what it sounds like, but it’s quite delicious.

5. California Pizza Kitchen


Photo courtesy of @californiapizzakitchen on Instagram

California Pizza Kitchen (also known as CPK) is a chain that never gets old. This restaurant specializes in California-style pizza, hence the name (duh). Don’t forget to order the avocado club eggrolls that come warm and crunchy, stuffed with a creamy avo filling. This restaurant is quite unique compared to other pizza restaurants because of the variety of different style pizzas, including their Thai chicken, roasted garlic chicken, and the California club.