In the COVID-age, take-out and delivery options have quickly replaced dining in. Throughout the past year, I have had my fair share of food from my favorite restaurants served in styrofoam containers. Although nothing will replace the experience of eating at a restaurant, these five restaurants excelled at adapting to our new normal.


Rachel Sterling

Shaya is one of my all-time favorite restaurants in New Orleans. I was certainly not surprised when my delivery order arrived perfectly. The fried chicken hummus, pictured above, tasted just as good as it does when you order it at the restaurant. To make my delivery experience even better, the pita was still warm!

If you are craving hummus or falafel but don't want to leave your room, I highly recommend ordering in Shaya. You will not be disappointed.

Willa Jean

Rachel Sterling

For brunch, Willa Jean is one of the best options in the city. After ordering to-go from here consistently, I can confidently say that Willa Jean has mastered the take-out game. My order was made fresh and is always ready to go when it's my pickup time. The coffee was prepared right when I arrived, so it was not diluted.

You can order both online and over the phone. Ordering take-out from Willa Jean is the perfect way to enjoy their delicious food while beating the brunch crowd. 


Rachel Sterling

While staying in quarantine, I was craving sushi but not sure where to order it from. I went with my gut and chose one of my favorites, Haiku, and am extremely grateful that I did. They got my order exactly right and the quality was excellent. While nothing beats going to the restaurant and eating sushi in person, Haiku really stepped it up with their delivery. I will definitely be ordering again.

Pizza Domenica

Rachel Sterling

Once again, while I was in quarantine, I was in the mood for pizza and a salad. I ordered from one of my favorites in the city, Pizza Domenica. This was one of the best quarantine meals I had.

The white pizza, shown above, was still hot upon arrival, and the caesar salad was perfect. I was pleasantly surprised that a pizza restaurant that does not typically do delivery like other pizza places was able to perfect the system. 


Rachel Sterling

Last, but certainly not least, to make the list for the best take-out options in New Orleans is Satsuma. I am a frequent customer of Satsuma on Maple and there has not been a single time that my order was less than perfect. Their take-out system is effective in ensuring I always get my food on time, even during their busy Sunday mornings. The avocado toast, pictured above, is packaged great, as I am able to take it back to my dorm and still consume it at restaurant quality.

These five restaurants, along with many others, have quickly adapted to the change in dining habits and truly excel in take-out and delivery. Now, more than ever, it is important to support small businesses. By choosing a to-go or delivery option, you are helping these restaurants tremendously while also staying safe!