Have you ever dreamed of going in back to the 1950s to visit a vintage style ice cream parlor and soda fountain? Now is your chance! Your grandparents have probably mentioned that back in their day, a soda fountain was the place to be and the social hub of the neighborhood where you could also enjoy classic ice cream sundae.

Brooklyn Farmacy & Soda Fountain, established in 2010, is recreating that experience for many families and people residing in the Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn neighborhood and beyond. 

The soda fountain is home to specialty ice cream sundaes, egg creams, and more that will satisfy your sweet tooth and leave you wanting to come back for more

Upon entering the building, you are immediately immersed into a classic soda shop which was once a 1920s apothecary. The walls are lined with wooden shelves, holding different old-school candies, sweet treats, and other delights that are available for purchase. At the infamous countertop, you can see all of the dessert items being made right in front of your eyes.

The servers are even dressed in vintage style clothes from Gatsby caps to swing style dresses. If the atmosphere alone doesn't sell it for you, the 13+ sundaes handcrafted to order, egg creams, and ice cream sandwiches sure will.

The ice cream sundaes range from a traditional brownie sundae to a peanut butter and banana sundae. Below is a look into a few of the many delicious sundaes that will make you want to head over to Brooklyn ASAP

 Mr. Potato Head

No, I am not talking about the character from "Toy Story." I'm referring to this sweet and salty ice cream dish. Mr. Potato Head was featured on the Food Networks "Unique Sweets" and includes North Folk Potato Chips, vanilla ice cream, Farmacy's peanut butter, warm caramel sauce, and a mound of whip cream topped with a classic red cherry. Make sure you keep a glass of water handy because all of the salt is going to make you thirsty, but it is so worth it

Cookie Monster

The beloved Cookie Monster from Sesame Place holds a very special place in many of our hearts and so will this sundae. "Cookie Monster" features cookie dough crumbles, mint chocolate chip ice cream, hot fudge, and whipped cream garnished with blue sprinkles. It will make you never want to eat a plain cookie again!

More Is S'more

"More is S'more" is my personal favorite sundae because it is a delicious spin on s'mores—my all-time favorite dessert. "More is S'more" is made of vanilla, chocolate, and coffee ice cream piled on top of chunks of red velvet cake, followed by a Nutella drizzle, Farmacy's toasted fluff, and a homemade graham cracker. You will never want to eat a normal s'more after trying this sundae. Trust me. 

Egg Creams

In addition to the sundaes, the soda fountain also serves egg creams—a classic New York drink. Did you know that an egg cream does not actually contain eggs? It is made using milk, carbonated water, and flavored syrup. Some of their egg cream flavors include Fox's chocolate or vanilla, coffee, mocha, tootsie cream, and maple. 

Egg creams, "Mr. Potoato Head," "Cookie Monster," and "More is S'more" are just a few of the intricately prepared treats Brooklyn Farmacy offers their customers. In addition, to being delicious, these desserts will provide you with Instagram-worthy food photos that will make all of your followers insanely jealous.

Brooklyn Farmacy & Soda Fountain provides such an authentic experience that even one's grandparents will feel like it is the "good old days" again.