Okay to be fair Chipotle is probably one of the most popular fast-food Mexican restaurants there is. But when you've been to Chipotle four times in the past week it might be time to rethink your dining options and try something new. I'm a huge fan of burritos and tacos myself, but I'll admit I was skeptical to try Tacoria when it opened up just over a year ago. Then, after hearing some rave reviews I finally gave in, tried it, and had a burrito that quite possibly changed my life.

Tacoria is located on Easton Ave in the heart of the Rutgers/New Brunswick community, which makes it a convenient spot for Rutgers students. The restaurant looks like a small storefront, but once you walk inside the atmosphere is cozy and welcoming. My favorite place to eat is the outdoor courtyard, which almost makes you forget that you're eating in the middle of New Brunswick. Anyway, lets get to the most important part of all this because I know why you came here. What can Tacoria offer you that other Mexican restaurants can't?

Jean Gerlach

Golden Avocado Tacos:

Guacamole is great and all, but there is something even better that all avocado lovers need to try: Tacoria's fried avocados. I was definitely more impressed than I was expecting to be with their golden avocado tacos. These tacos come with a spicy chipotle aioli sauce that will make your mouth water (literally!) and is something that Chipotle does not offer.

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Jean Gerlach


When food is made with love, your tastebuds can tell. Tacoria's burritos are grilled and not just wrapped up like at other fast food Mexican restaurants. Grilling the burritos creates a warm, melty, and cheesy blend that made me feel like I was eating a burrito for the first time. 

Zoe Zschack

Grilled Chicken Nachos with Jalapeños:

Tacoria's chips are toasted, crunchy, and topped with a mix of your choice of protein, beans, salsa, cheese, and sour cream. I opted for the spicy Pollo Asado nachos, which has grilled chicken and jalapeños. The Nachos come in two sizes, a Pie that is good for one person or a Full for if you're sharing with friends. Add guac for only $1.50 extra (that's a steal compared to Chipotles $2.11 right?) and dig in. 

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Jean Gerlach

Carne Assada Tacos:

I really never believe that tacos are going to fill me up. I mean, they look so small and snack-like. So I was surprised when the steak tacos from Tacoria proved me wrong. A spicy steak topped with crumbled cheese definitely gave me more of an authentic Mexican feel than when I eat at Chipotle.

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Jean Gerlach

The Ambiance:

The welcoming, homey vibes that Tacoria gives off are really what draws people in. If you're looking for a more authentic fast food Mexican restaurant, then this is it. Enjoy your meal with a beverage and explore all of the Insta-worthy spots that Tacoria has to offer.

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Jean Gerlach

After visiting Tacoria I can't say that I will give up Chipotle, but I am happy to know that other options are out there. Tacoria might remain a New Brunswick hole-in-the-wall spot or it could flourish and become the new craze. Either way it's a definite must try for all lovers of Mexican food.