Boston is a great spot for donuts. From Blackbird to Union Square to Kane's, there's no shortage here. But if you're looking for a unique twist to an average donut, you're going to want to try Swissbäkers. They're serving up authentic German pastry.

The Berliner

Qinyue (Sherry) Zheng

Swissbäkers is known for their authentic German pastry, the Berliner. But how does the German version compare to an American donut? Ingredient wise, they're pretty similar. Thomas Schor of Swissbäkers insists that three Berliners have the same amount of calories as one traditional donut.

Add that sweetness of the raspberry, the richness of the chocolate, and the powdered sugar on top, and this is about to become your favorite treat in the city. 

But they don't stop at the Berliner

With locations in Boston, Allston, Cambridge, and Reading, there are plenty of places in and around the city to indulge. But there's plenty more to enjoy than just the donut you're probably drooling over. 

If you didn't know about this authentic German pasty, you definitely knew that Germany is known for its pretzels. Don't hesitate to try out your cooking skills and make your own, but Swissbäkers is here to provide without a mess in your kitchen. 

Qinyue (Sherry) Zheng

Maybe the key to the pretzel is that they dip it in a highly concentrated salt solution before it's baked. Apparently, it's concentrated to the point where it can where it can dissolve metal, but clearly it works wonders on their pretzels. 

In addition to the pretzels and Berliners, Swissbäkers serves croissants, cookies, quiches, and more.

So next time you're looking for something different to start your morning, head over to Swissbäkers for a unique experience. They even host baking classes from time to time.