Everything poke related has been blowing up the food world lately. Bowls filled to the brim with raw fish and delectable toppings have become the latest Instagram food obsession. On a recent voyage to New York, I was finally able to experience this Hawaiian fusion food firsthand. Sweetcatch Poke is one restaurant that takes this trend and it makes it their own. 

Why Sweetcatch Stood Out 

Lindsay Paulen

Considering there are a multitude of poke restaurants sprinkled throughout NYC, it can be hard to differentiate one place from another. However, Sweetcatch has made a name for itself with their unique spin on a classic dish: poke avocado toast. 

For only $9.95, you receive two slices of whole grain toast topped with smashed avocado, fresh salmon or tuna, watermelon radishes, daikon sprouts, and scallions. 

This revolutionary dish of course has a revolutionary chef behind it. Former Top Chef finalist Chef Lee Anne Wong is the mastermind behind their poke recipes. This poke avocado toast is incredible and truly reflects the culinary prowess of Wong.

They Do Their Basics Well, Too

Lindsay Paulen

If avocado toast isn't your thing, then I encourage you to order one of Chef Lee Anne Wong's classic poke bowl creations. Their Classic Hawaiian Tuna is the perfect dish for the traditionalist. The bowl is filled with Hawaiian shoyu sauce, sweet and green onions, ogo seaweed, sesame seeds, sea salt, and tuna. If you're bringing a vegetarian friend, Sweetcatch has an option for them, too. Their Organic Tofu Bowl is composed of fresh organic tofu, Hawaiian tamari sauce, sweet and green onions, garlic, chives, Korean chili powder, sesame seeds, red chile, sea salt, fried shallots. 

Where Sweetcatch Is Located

Lindsay Paulen

You can get your poke fill by heading to their restaurant at 642 Lexington Ave in Midtown East. Don't live near Midtown East? Don't worry. The popularity of Sweetcatch's first location has caused them to open up two more locations. The future restaurants in Midtown and FiDi are located at 60 W 44th Street and 125 Maiden Lane respectively. Make sure to follow their Facebook and Instagram to get updates on the openings of the new locations. 

If you're in the mood for poke, make sure you head over to Sweetcatch and give it a try. You won't want to miss out on this Hawaiian fusion, feast-worthy food.