Located right by the beautiful, photogenic, and iconic Chinatown gate on 18 Hudson Street is the newly opened Sweet Waffles & Boba. Among the plethora of several other delicious Asian delicacies scattered across Chinatown such as Chinese bakeries, Shabu Shabu, Hot Pot and of course, bubble tea (aka "Boba") stores, another small but delicious store has just been added to this extensive list. Providing you with signature waffle pops, lemonades, milk teas and flavored green teas, I guarantee you this place will not disappoint you on a warm summers day!

Jordan Bialock

Signature Waffle Pops

Strawberry Shortcake

(Strawberry Dip + Shortcake Crumble + Fresh Strawberries)

Jordan Bialock

As a huge lover of all things berry-flavored, this waffle pop was definitely my personal favorite! It definitely enhanced the whole summer atmosphere with adding a tint of strawberry flavor, along with the delicious shortcake crumble to end it off with a crunch - it felt like biting into classic cheesecake crust! The strawberry icing had a sweet but sour tangy strawberry taste to it, and fresh strawberries on waffles undoubtedly never disappoint. 

Matcha Crunch

(Matcha Dip + Crushed Pistachios)

Chloe Gold

Hearing there was a matcha dipped waffle got me ecstatic, as I would gladly eat matcha with literally anything, but especially waffles! The strong matcha taste (which is not super common without just being green food coloring) along with the nice addition of crunchy pistachios to top it off provided the perfect composition of flavors intertwined into one - matcha and pistachio, what a dynamic duo! Mama said to always eat green (things), right? 

Churro Crunch

(White Chocolate Dip + Cinnamon Toast Crunch)

Jordan Bialock

The combination of white chocolate and Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal is certainly an interesting one, one which I never expected to complement each other ever so well. But it certainly was very enjoyable, and even better on a waffle pop! The white chocolate dip was just the right amount of sweetness - not too overly sweetened like some white chocolates can taste - making it an even better drizzle for this nice and warm waffle. 

Choco Crunch

(Milk Chocolate Dip + Crushed Almonds)

Chloe Gold

The taste of the thick and warm milk chocolate drizzle gave the warm and familiar feeling of the chocolate aroma I’d receive entering Max Brenner’s chocolate store. Waffles and chocolate drizzle is a always a classic combination (and for a good reason), and this was one sold at this store was one to definitely not disappoint for sure. 

Signature Lemonades

Blue Citrus Lemonade

(Lemonade + Mint + Lemon Slices)

Jordan Bialock

The lemonade had a rather sweet taste to it, but at the same time it was extremely delicious and refreshing. Despite the sweetness, it still had that sour taste to enhance the sweetness of the waffle and its’ respective dip. The beautiful blue color reminded me of a fancy mocktail of something I’d get by the beach, like a nice "Blue Lagoon" perhaps.

Strawberry Lychee Lemonade

(Lemonade + Mint + Diced Strawberries + Lychee Chunks)

Jordan Bialock

As someone who has grown up eating lychee, this taste strongly reminded me of the tropical weather. I absolutely loved the combination of strawberry and lychee in one drink, two summer fruits combined into one super refreshing drink - yet still super tasty. The pretty pink color was also a rather pastel color - a nice sign that summer has FINALLY arrived!

In addition to all of these absolutely mouthwatering treats mentioned above, Sweet Waffles & Boba also serves several flavors of milk tea and green tea (also with the addition of bubble tea toppings i.e. boba, aloe) which would perfectly complement their scrumptious waffle flavors as well. Chinatown definitely does have its hidden gems, and this newly found gem serving waffles and iced drinks is one to not be missed. Overall, WAFFLY delicious and definitely worth a check out! After all, waffles are pancakes with abs… right? 

Jordan Bialock

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