Whether you are looking for a new date spot or a fix for your late-night sugar craving, Sweet Life has just what you need. Adorned with trinkets and cozy decorations, Sweet Life, a locally popular bakery on Monroe Street in the Whitaker, is a little home-away-from-home. No matter what time of the day you visit, this patisserie and café is always buzzing, as customers “ooh and aah” over the dozens of desserts on display in the gleaming pastry case.

When Oregon Spoon visited Sweet Life, we swooned as our eyes beheld the beautiful variety of desserts we had to choose from. Every day, the bakery creates scores of irresistible treats, and all of us felt like picking only one dessert would be a nearly impossible task.

As customers enter the store (and there is almost always a bit of a crowd), they line up in front of the glass counters that showcase the treats. When the patrons reach the last case, it is decision time and they must declare their choice to one of the bakery’s fresh-faced employees. As customers pay at the register, the bakery staff, with impressive flair, carefully plates the dessert of choice.

We were charmed by the cute and dainty white serving plates, which were drizzled with chocolate, powdered sugar, or another delicate decoration perfectly picked for each dessert.

Pastry aficionados may enjoy their sweet prize at a table inside or choose to sit on the sunny patio.

Gluten-free? Not a problem, Sweet Life has dozens of gluten-free treats, from ice cream to slices of truffle cake and everything in between. Nobody leaves Sweet Life disappointed, no matter what his or her dietary needs may be. Here are five gluten-free treats that we picked out and they are to die for.

1. Chocolate Raspberry Torte

The combination of tart and sweet makes this torte a customer favorite. You can’t go wrong with this decadent treat.

Raspberry Chocolate Torte

Photo by Judy Holtz

2. Cranberry Oatmeal Cookie

This cookie is the perfect combination of crunchy and chewy. You’ll devour it in minutes and may have to go get another.

Cranberry Cookie

Photo by Judy Holtz

3. Blueberry Cheesecake

The blueberries add a sweet freshness that lighten up this creamy cheesecake.

GF Blueberry Cheesecake

Photo by Judy Holtz

4. Mini Chocolates

These are the perfect one-bite treat to satisfy your chocolate cravings, but be warned you won’t be able to stop at one.

GF Chocolates

Photo by Judy Holtz

5. Chocolate Souffle

This soufflé is light, creamy, chocolatey, and is just what you were looking for. Warmed up, with a dollop of whipped cream or vanilla ice cream atop is how I suggest you order this delicious treat.

GF Chocolate Souffle

Photo by Ally Barclay


Location: 755 Monroe St, Eugene, Oregon 97402

Operation Hours: Mon-Sun: 7am-11pm