I’ve been to Flip Crepes, La Crêperie, and Creperie De Paris, so obviously the next crêperie on my list was Aha Crepe right here in Lincoln Park. Aha Crepe is a restaurant that features Asian-style sweet and savory crepes. Their menu features 20 original combinations, 10 sweet and 10 savory, that are all crazy delicious. Oh, and I promise they’re all Instagram-worthy creations.

Aha Crepe

Photo courtesy of Aha Crepe on Facebook

For my trip there, I tried their most popular sweet crepe: the Chocolate Strawberry Crepe. The Chocolate Strawberry Crepe includes sliced strawberry, sliced peaches, Nutella chocolate cream, matcha sauce, chocolate chips, granola, pistachios, matcha pocky sticks, and matcha ice cream.

Aha Crepe

Photo by Victoria Guo

One of the things I loved about this crepe was the mix of different flavors and textures. For those who haven’t had matcha ice cream, don’t worry. The matcha flavor isn’t overwhelming. It’s comparable to what a Green Tea Frappuccino at Starbucks tastes like – sweet with a hint of matcha flavor.

Biting into the crepe, there were chocolate chips, granola, and pistachios were whole. That was surprising since I thought they would be crushed, but it provided the crepe with a much needed change of texture.

Need dessert now? Head over to Lincoln Park and ruin your dinner with one of these sweet treats. It’ll be the best decision that you make this week, guaranteed.