Chef Tiffani Faison opened Sweet Cheeks Q as her first restaurant in the fall of 2011. She was one of the two finalists from the first season of Top Chefand shortly after became a rapid success as Sweet Cheeks’ owner.

Located near Fenway, it’s a bustling spot that attracts tons of customers. Walking up to the restaurant, there is a big sign that spells out Sweet Cheeks and BBQ in lights (which is much more impressive at night). This was my first time visiting, and I had only heard good things, so I decided it was time to try it out.

The restaurant had a small backyard picnic feel. The tables were made of wood, while the trays held enamelware dishes that reminded me of old girl scout camping trips. They even served the drinks in little mason jars, which I thought were a nice touch. But for such a popular spot, the restaurant was a little small.

Our number one rookie mistake: not making a reservation. I tried calling earlier the same day, but they were no longer taking reservations, which was one of the only things I thought the restaurant could improve on. When I called they said it would be about a 45 minute wait, but when we got there, the wait was almost an hour long.

So my sister and I decided to try out luck with the counter seating, which is first come first serve. It is a real life version of The Hunger Games, because you have to scour and beat someone to get a seat to eat. We ended up deciding to order takeout.

The take out thankfully only took about 20 minutes, which was a blessing since we were both starving by then. Although we were not able to enjoy our delicious meals at the table, it was still worth the wait.

sweet cheeks

Photo courtesy of @linacheeeks on Instagram

I decided to try the prime rib brisket, and it was deliciously tender as well. However, it was a little plain until I piled on the side of barbecue sauce they provided me; it added a little more flavor which made it a thousand times better. Instead of the bulky roll, I chose the sandwich to be served on Texas toast. It was maybe even a greasier mess than the bulky roll, but the bread was toasted to perfection and absorbed all the barbecue sauce I piled on. Of course, I had to have the side of mac and cheese, and it was even better than I thought it would be.

sweet cheeks

Photo by Jennifer Elias

My sister ordered the BBQ chopped brisket sandwich, which was a greasy pile of heaven. The Brisket was so tender and delicious. It would have been a perfect meal on it’s own, but we could not leave without trying the famous mac and cheese. Topped off with crackers and delicious golden browned breadcrumbs, the mac and cheese was the perfect mix of cheesy and crunchy.

sweet cheeks

Photo by Jessica Citronberg

I don’t think i have ever tried biscuits as fluffy, buttery and delicious as these. Plus, they paired with the whipped honey butter that melts right into the biscuit. It was actually a little piece of heaven. Even if you’re not a huge fan of biscuits (which my sister isn’t), you will fall in love with these.

I will definitely be going back, but will be sure to make a reservation first. It is definitely worth it, because it’s not everyday that you can get delicious and authentic southern comfort food in New England.