Think Shinju is your go-to spot? Think again. Located in picturesque Lincoln Park, Sushi Para II is well-known for it’s extensive all-you-can-eat sushi menu. Another perk is that Sushi Para II is one of three Sushi Para restaurants in Chicago. Whether you’re an adventurous sushi-goer or you stick to your veggie basics, Sushi Para II is suitable for sushi lovers of all types.

1. The Sushi 

Photo by Megan Tang

My oh my. Words are not enough to describe the beauty of this restaurant’s sushi. The fish is ALWAYS fresh, the rice is perfectly cooked and the ratio between fish and rice is on point. Besides nigiri, you can also order as many of their specialty rolls as you want. As long as you finish everything on your plate, the chefs will prepare as much sushi as you order.

2. The Boat of Sushi

Photo by Megan Tang

Say what? A boat of sushi? That’s right! If you order around 100 pieces, the sushi chefs will present your sea goodies on a boat. This is a great reason why Sushi Para II is an excellent choice for large groups. The more nigiri and rolls you order, the better the presentation.

3. The Hospitality 

Photo by Megan Tang

I have been to Sushi Para II an insurmountable number of times during my enrollment at UChicago. Every time I go, the staff is extremely attentive and friendly. They always serve your sushi with a huge smile.

4. The Price

Photo by Megan Tang

All-you-can-eat sushi is only $15.99 for lunch and $18.99 for dinner. If you ordered the same amount of sushi at any other sushi restaurant, the cost would be exponentially higher. Eat more, pay less at Sushi Para II.

My only complaint about Sushi Para II is that on Friday nights and weekend nights, you have to wait a fair amount of time before your sushi comes. They only have three chefs, which is oftentimes not enough for a full restaurant of ravenously hungry all-you-can-eat sushi-goers. However, the more hungry you are for your sushi, the better it tastes, right?

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