All-you-can-eat (or AYCE, if you want to sound sophisticated) sushi is God’s greatest gift to humanity. You’re allowed to be basic and order a California roll, but indulging in that spicy volcano roll that is also acceptable. That being said, there can be some pretty sketchy AYCE sushi places around NYC. Luckily, we’ve got it all figured out for you. All you have to worry about is debating whether or not an extra ten dollars for unlimited sake is worth it.



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Located right in Koreatown, this sushi place has stacks on stacks of rolls. Ever feel like having some fresh oysters after that crunchy shrimp roll? IchiUmi has you covered. Snow crab legs? They gotchu. For a great variety and more than just sushi, this is the place.

Sushi Para

Despite its small appearance from the outside, it’s warm and cozy inside — just the right environment for unlimited sushi. They offer quite a bit of appetizers and they serve their sushi on cute, Instagrammable wooden boats. Best of all, you can make a trek to Central Park to burn off all the calories afterwards since its only a couple blocks away. What’s not to love?

Kumo Sushi

? 2 hrs of bottomless, made per order sushi? Ok I can roll with that ??? #sushi #nomnomnom #dinnerdate #westvillage

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Kumo offers a totally rad Groupon deal, and you order your sushi choices on an iPad. Because we all know that we’re total suckers for techy crap like that. Be sure to try their calamari and all of their tempura options. Hell, just try it all.

Ashiya Sushi

Yes, that is beer and sake you see in the picture, and yes, it’s included in the AYCE price. You’re given two hours to eat and drink as much as you can, but it’s quite enough time to stuff yourself with salmon skin rolls and seaweed salad galore. Dat roe tho…

Kiku Sushi

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Don’t worry, those mood swings where you teeter between craving unlimited sushi and unlimited dumplings are common. Kiku feels you, and to remedy this, they offer unlimited appetizers as well as rolls. The blue crab dumplings are stellar, featuring beautifully ripe avocados and extra crunchy tempura. Nomz.

Chinatown East

?One true love?

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It may seem criminal to have a restaurant called Chinatown East on the Upper East Side, but the expansive variety of sushi they offer is also a crime in itself. Portions are delightfully big, leaving your tummy stuffed and satisfied. Bring a friend, or bring ten — sharing is half the fun.