I'm a bit of a sushi fanatic. According to my parents, I've been eating sushi since the age of five. Whenever I come back home for the weekend, a visit to our favorite all-you-can-eat sushi spot is always on the family agenda. Honestly, nothing feels more like comfort food to me than some miso soup, edamame and a spicy salmon roll. 

Moving from the suburbs of Chicago to the cornfields of Champaign presented me with a dilemma. Will I be able to find delicious sushi? How will it fit into my college budget? Will it be available on GrubHub? Luckily, there are some pretty delicious and wallet friendly options for sushi near campus.

Here are five sushi restaurants in Champaign-Urbana that all sushi lovers need to try.

1. Sakanaya 

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Evelyn Tarnovsky

If you're trying to find a delicious and a conveniently located spot to grab sushi, look no further than Sakanaya on Green Street. This cozy, dimly lit restaurant is perfect for a date with your bae or for dinner with friends. Sakanaya is also a great place for a birthday, anniversary or any other kind of celebratory dinner. 

Sakanaya is home to some delicious upscale sushi rolls, such as the "Surf and Turf," which comes with New York strip steak, shrimp tempura and jalapeño. One of their most popular items is a sushi and appetizer hybrid known as the "Willis Tower," which is served with spicy tuna, crab, avocado and rice. 

Besides sushi, Sakanaya also serves various ramen bowls, kitchen entrees, appetizers and late-night snacks. While this place definitely knows how to make sushi, it's not so wallet-friendly. Specialty rolls can run up to $18 per order, so Sakanaya may end up being one of those places you only go to for a special occasion. 

2. Sushi Ichiban 

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William OuYang

Sushi Ichiban is the perfect solution for a broke college student with a craving for sushi. It is conveniently located on the corner of Wright Street and Green Street. This restaurant is perfect for those who are not looking to spend $20 on lunch but still have a delicious meal. 

The best deal is during lunch when two and three rolls combos are $8.48 and $10.48, respectively. You can combine from a choice of 30 rolls, leaving you with many options to chose from. I personally recommend the shrimp tempura and spicy salmon rolls.

Definitely one of the most underrated sushi restaurants at UIUC, Sushi Ichiban also serves a variety of teriyaki dinners, noodle bowls, salads and appetizers for all at a reasonable price.

Your taste buds won't regret trying this place and neither will your wallet. However, if you decide you don't want to leave your apartment, you can always host your own budget-friendly dinner. 

3. Sushi Kame

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Kelsie Travers

If you ever happen to find yourself strolling through downtown Champaign with a craving for sushi, look no further than Sushi Kame. This small restaurant with a peaceful ambiance is a great place for any time of the day, whether it's a quick lunch or date night. 

A popular menu item that is served during lunch time is the bento box. The bento box includes a choice of protein, a California roll, vegetable tempura, salad and rice. The meal is presented in a traditional box with different compartments for each item. 

One thing that makes Sushi Kame unique is its presentation style. Besides for the previously mentioned bento box, sushi is plated on either a wooden board, or if the order is large enough, a sushi boat.

4. Ko Fusion

Ko Fusion serves up delicious Japanese favorites with a modern twist. With two locations by campus in the Illini Union and in Urbana, as well as a location in downtown Champaign, Ko Fusion is here to ensure your sushi craving is satisfied.

Ko Fusion's modern vibe is something to love. While each restaurant has a very different interior, they all serve the same unique sushi and Japanese specialties. However, there is a slight difference with the Champaign location being that it's a bit classier and offers rolls up to $18. The Union and Urbana locations offer cheaper meals that are geared more for a quick lunch.

Customization is key at Ko Fusion. The Yo' Roll allows you to build your own eight piece roll. You can chose from various combinations of proteins, fillings, sauces and toppings. Additionally, the Union location allows you to create your own stir fry. 

Ko Fusion is definitely a UIUC favorite—especially if you're on a budget. They offer a variety of sushi that are $1 per piece.

5. Sushi Rock

Another conveniently located sushi spot is Sushi Rock on Green Street, which is available on major food delivery platforms like OrderUp and EatStreet. It's a great place to grab quick sushi or have some delivered to you without leaving your apartment.

Sushi Rock offers an extensive sushi menu, complete with regular and deluxe rolls, sashimi, nigiri and various dinner and lunch combinations. I recommend the Mango Martini Roll—a fried roll with crab, cucumber and avocado served with a sweet mango sauce.

Apart from just the sushi, this restaurant offers a boatload (no pun intended, but they do serve large combinations of sushi on boats) of other dishes. One of their most unique menu items is Ssam, a Korean dish of a protein wrapped in lettuce with a tangy sauce. 

You really can't go wrong with either of these five sushi spots at UIUC. Hopefully my love for sushi will help you make an informed decision about where to get your next rainbow roll. And if none of these places are to your satisfaction, you can always just make your own.