Calling all the fair skinned beauties of Eugene (which is everyone since we are just now seeing the sunshine after a long winter, filled with rain and snow). It’s time to escape to Shasta Lake for some much needed Vitamin D. But be weary my pale skinned Oregonians, the 95° weather could turn you into a lobster real quick.

For those of you that don’t know what happens at Shasta, here is a little taste. Everyone loads onto houseboats for a fun filled weekend of drinking mass quantities, eating endless hot dogs and soaking up the sun. I can already see the worry in your eyes. Yes, I said 95° weather and drinking all day and night.

Here are the three most important ways to survive the heat in Shasta:

  1. Your first best friend is water. But at this point in your drinking career water might not be enough to hydrate you. You need to replenish those electrolytes that you are sweating and drinking out of your body. Invest in some Gatorade powder to add to water (or if you really want to get crazy kill two birds with one stone and add it to your preferred cocktail).
  2. Your second best friend is protein. Resist the urge to chow down on bread or chips. Think about how many carbs you are already consuming from alcohol. So load up on protein. It will give you more energy to keep drinking.
  3. That margarita might taste good that first day in the sun, but think about the entire weekend. Pace yourself. No one wants to have the best first day and have heat exhaustion the rest of the weekend. So I repeat drink plenty of fluids (other than tequila and beer).

Now, go put some sunscreen on and get ready for the best weekend you may or may not remember. Have fun, but please drink responsibly.