Marshmallows are probably one of the most commonly appreciated snacks when one gets lost in nostalgia. They are fluffy, sweet, and impossible to eat in any sense of moderation. They are also the poster boys for American food consumerism, as they are used in so many classic American dishes - rice krispie treats, s'mores, fourth of July fruit kebobs, various cereals, and even thanksgiving yam. You would think that there wasn't much more that could be done to marshmallows that hasn't been done before. Well, you'll be pleasantly surprised to know that you were wrong. SugarCube Marshmallows has changed the game, bringing Asian cuisine to your favorite childhood memory. With flavors like mango pudding, black sesame, taro, and more, you can now take a flavorful journey through the continent of Asia.

The story of SugarCube Marshmallows starts in the kitchen of its founder, Arda Sitiprawet, where she experimented with her homemade marshmallow recipes by incorporating Asian flavors that played a big part in her life growing up. Realizing that there are no marshmallow products with Asian inspired flavors, she decided to turn her hobby into a full fledged business by combining two flavors, two cultures, and two worlds. Her inspiration for this idea is drawn from her own experience as a first-generation Asian-American.

Cynthia Liu

Here are some of my favorite SugarCube Marshmallows:

1. Mango Pudding

Cynthia Liu

This delicious treat has the creaminess of pudding, with the perfect blend of tangy and sweet. I expected a typical marshmallow experience: soft, sweet and dry. Instead, I was rewarded with a tropical journey that transported me to my childhood, eating juicy mangos on a hot summer day. Usually mango flavored snacks have an artificial taste to them, but these marshmallows capture the entire essence of a mango with warm notes of a creamy pudding. 

2. Black Sesame

Cynthia Liu

Drawing from its Japanese roots, this flavor gives you the true essence of black sesame with some old-school marshmallow comfort. The nutty aroma of black sesame pairs perfectly with the fluffy texture of the marshmallow. It is light, soft, nutty and crunchy with an undertone of smokiness. This is one of the most interesting marshmallow flavors I've tried, and I highly recommend giving it a try!

3. Toasted Sesame Coconut

Cynthia Liu

With this one, you get exactly what you asked for: toasty-coconutty-sesame goodness. The coconut is the star of the show with a subtle kick of sesame, making this a warm, comforting and delicious experience.

#SpoonTip: I know it must feel nearly impossible to pick a flavor to order, but you needn't worry. You can get the Variety Pack, which has amazing holiday themed flavors. Between December 1 and December 16, you can preorder the holiday collection and get flavors like red bean and toasted sesame, brown sugar ginger, black sesame, and vanilla and kinako.

SugarCube Marshmallows is the kind of thing that you don't know you're missing out on until you try it. It separates itself from other products with its Asian inspired flavors, while also maintaining the authenticity of a classic American favorite. It's also one of the only marshmallow products I've had that brings in a savory element to candy. I highly recommend trying these out if you want to have a fascinating experience!

#Spoontip: You can find SugarCube Marshmallow's next popups on their Instagram - @sugarcubemarsh.