On the first Friday of every month, Abbot Kinney Boulevard in Venice hosts the most delicious and adverse selection of food trucks from the greater Los Angeles area. In a hunger-free zone where all cravings can be met, individuals can indulge in gourmet food while enjoying the local shopping, art, music, and people-watching scene. This popular event attracts hungry college kids and trendy LA families alike. So here are a few #SpoonTips to help you beat the crowds, brave the lines and leave satisfied.

The event takes place in the heart of Venice and runs from 6p.m. until about 10p.m. Because the food trucks occupy all of the lots and available street parking on Abbot Kinney, it is recommended to park in the surrounding neighborhoods.

Once you have parked and made your way towards the food trucks, you may find yourself thinking, “Oh sh*t, this is a clusterf*ck. Where do I even start?” Don’t worry, that’s natural. So here are a few highly recommended trucks to try:

Jogasaki Sushi Burrito

California shrimp tempura sushirrito ????

A photo posted by by @ainnzzzz (@sushstagram) on May 23, 2015 at 12:57pm PDT

This truck lets you take a sushi roll on the go. In addition to tasting dank AF, Jogasaki is also awesome because you can get their rolls in snack or full size. The snack size is great because it lets you try all that is delicious about the majestic sushi-burrito while still allowing room in your stomach for you to try other things.

Cousins Maine Lobster


10/10. Thank God for food trucks on campus. ??☀️ #CousinsMaineLobster A photo posted by Serina Tran ? (@sereniteee) on Oct 24, 2015 at 9:57am PDT

Even after spending a considerable amount of my time in New England over the summer, I can definitively say that the Connecticut Lobster Roll from Cousins Maine Lobster Truck is the best lobster roll I’ve ever had.

The Grilled Cheese Truck

The food at The Grilled Cheese Truck is the what dreams are made of. I would like to personally thank whoever is responsible for putting mac’n’cheese, BBQ pork, more cheese, and caramelized onions all on a sandwich, genius. If you’re looking for a vegetarian option though, you can’t go wrong with the French Onion Soup Melt.

Kogi BBQ Taco Truck


Lines suck, no doubt. However, sometimes they can actually be a good sign. Clearly whatever they’re leading up to must be great if so many people are willing to wait for it. And thats defiantly the case with the Kogi, an Asian fushion truck.  Their short rib tacos are practically famous.

Wings ‘N Waffels

For the longest time I was troubled by the idea of chicken and waffels. Do you eat them together or just enjoy them seperatly? It wasn’t until I tried the sweet and savory combo from Wings ‘N Waffels that it all finally made sense. I haven’t looked back since.



Another way to save room while still experiencing all of the flavors that First Fridays has to offer is by eating sliders. And the sliders from Vchos are some of the best ones out there.

Sweet Amsterdam

Dutch with #Stroopwafel and #poffertjes ?. #foodstagram #dessert #instagood #nomnom #sweetamsterdam

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If you’ve heard of breakfast for dinner but never tried breakfast for dessert, then you are missing out. Sweet Amsterdam’s Dutch versions of pancakes and waffles will change the way that you’ve been eating these food your entire life.

The Pudding Truck


Being the go-to meal for all post wisdom teeth surgeries, pudding has lost some of it’s appeal and street cred. However, The Pudding Truck does this underrated dessert justice and blesses the public with banana pudding that is better than the stuff my mom use to make (sorry if you’re reading this, Mom, nothing personal).


May the lines be ever in your favor.